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Last min job...Am I crazy?


Took a last minute school nurse job! I've subbed for the previous nurse in the past...I Wasn't sure if I was going to get it or not but Yay I did! It's only part time and not the greatest of pay and no benefits but it's what I really want to do and we don't have many school nurses in our state so I feel lucky. Some of my family thinks I'm crazy to take a pay cut from the hospital and no benefits, but my husband Carries benefits for us and I'm excited to be doing what I love! Any advice for a new year and diving in to the chaos?!ahh!

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Follow your passion!


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I am basically doing the same thing, but I am working at the school full-time and staying on at the hospital for four shifts a month. Many people think I am crazy to give up the pay from the hospital, since it's literally like 50% of what I was making before. But, I figure that I will never know whether this is my true passion or not until I give it a try. So, I took the leap. And just finished my first week of chaos. Haha, I hope it will be worth it!


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This is my first year of school nursing also. Was hired as a permanent sub for the year. I'm hoping to land a contract position once I finish my BSN and get my state certification. First week was a bit stressful. I was supposed to be the second nurse for the Middle and one elementary school here in town. They had to switch things up a bit and put me at a small elementary school by myself. I was ok with that. However, walking in to a pile of random health forms and lists of immunizations was a bit overwhelming. But, I love the kiddos :) I am also remaining per diem at the hospital. Best wishes for a great school year!

I did the same thing… and I'm also wondering if I too am crazy. So if you find out (are we crazy?) let me know. ;) I'm hoping to also find a per diem hospital jobs. They said they are going to start me with vision and hearing screenings… I'd like some advice too. My audiology course doesn't start for a month. They said they would train me… I'm just wondering what the vision tests involve… any special equipment? I wonder if there is anything (about the vision and hearing tests) I could study before I start…? any ideas?

In my state the health department does all the hearing and vision., we just arrange the date and time and notify parents if there is a concern


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This is my first year being a School Nurse too (high School)..Yeah its a big pay cut from Nursing Homes(where I started), BUT THE STRESS LEVEL IS LESS!! I stay on at the nursing homes and work the days that I have off for Breaks (some weekends) which kinda averages out.

I say follow ur heart. A lot of people don't get hired as a school nurse.

Been a school nurse for 15 years - Being there for your own children is worth more than money - Being off during holidays, summers and never missing their activities.

I am new to school nursing and yes its a pay cut but the benefits out weigh that for me. I am a mom and love the flexibility working as a school nurse