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Last Day of Kids for the Year!

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This was me today!! Home now until the 4th! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Flare, ASN, BSN

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4 hours and 40 minutes and then i'll be allhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoP0Z3a8glU

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I love the day before winter break! The kids are dressed up so cute and we have a play today that the 5th graders put on! I can't wait to see it...not to mention I dont have the never ending line of 'belly aches' after lunch because its a '1/2 day'... :)

Countdown literally in 5 minutes!!!! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! TALK TO YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR!!!


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Happy Holidays to all. I thought I was clever arranging to have the students I needed to see at the end of the day come early (they were happy to leave class early). Three of them showed up promptly and I got their catheters pulled and sent them off to get dressed. Dismissal rings and I'm missing one. I call his house and sure enough he had gone home forgetting to see me. His mother ran him back over (at least she brought cookies). So at 3PM (should have left at 2:15), I'm finally out the door.

No more worrying about this until next year!


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