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lab pratical midterm!!! 206 bones


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Besides an atlas what's the efficient way to learn the bones? I have midterm on Monday.

Since you are going to be tested on the specimens in your lab, it is best to spend as much time as possible working with those specimens, especially the 'landmarks' that your instructor said will be tested, if any.

I found that Crimando's skeleton tutorial on Gateways college website to be a great resouce for me over the summer. It is interactive and covered just about all the bones and landmarks that I needed to know for my class. Also in the past I found that coloring sheets had been helpful in learning the bones. Good luck, I had spent so much time studying the bones that by the time I was ready to take the test I was dreaming about them.

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thank you everyone!!! keep the tips coming :)

For me it was repetition repetition repetition

I downloaded an anatomy quiz app on my phone....anytime I had downtime (grocery store check out line, waiting rooms, pick up line when picking up my kids, anytime I could) I was going through this app

I also printed online diagrams and put them in plastic sheet protectors so I could label them over and over with dry erase markers

spend as much time as possible in the lab with the models you will be tested on....I didn't do this (I lived an hour away from my school so it wasn't practical....I just made studying at home work) but it would have been helpful to practice on the actual models.

I agree with previous posters about spending time in your lab class looking at the models and testing yourself. This is a good way to learn what you know and don't know. Plus doing this with your classmates is a fun way to help one another out. I found it effective to take photos of the models and study those. lab is the time to study! You could also play around with the actual bones itself if you want. Look at the human skeleton and etc. do you own an iPhone or android? There's a cool app for quizzing yourself on locations of bones.

Good luck! :bookworm:

We would rent the case of bones from the library and put the whole skeleton together from head to toe. It was fun!


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I found that drawing out my own flash cards from the actual bones helped a ton. It made me pay a lot of attention to the little details and features of the bones. Spend as much time in the lab as possible.

In general, I found that Netter's was a FABULOUS book for anatomy. I also got the Netter's cards, which helped me with some parts that were a struggle to "get".