LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

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Hi, I haven't see anything for the Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017 application. Did anyone on here apply? I'm eagerly waiting for some sort of email!

I took the V and got 83

Good job guys! I was one of the unlucky ones a did not get invited:(

If you don't get invited can you still move forward if you took it at another location ?

I don't think so. I took it at anot her location and they sent me an invite to either take the TEAS or send my scores because I already took it.

I got it too! So excited to finally hear something back :) I already took it as well so now its more of the waiting game

I don't think so. The invitation is to take the test or send in scores if you've already taken it

Yay! Did you take V or Vi?

I took the TEAS V since some of the schools I applied to requested my scores right away, plus I wanted to take it as soon as possible after finishing my pre-reqs while everything was still fresh in my mind

They updated the email system at Harbor and I followed the steps to login and change my password but when I go to login it says my account doesn't exist. Is anyone else having trouble?

Did you already change the password or not yet? Mine worked fine

Yes! I was trying to login last night and had a lot of trouble! It's telling me my administrator has not set it up for me... and saying my account can't be found.

Yes I followed all the steps and set up a new password.

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