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  1. July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Cash or check?
  2. LAHC Fall 2017

    Hey guys! So I got into LAHC! It was my second time applying and got denied twice by 3 different schools! Been doing this process for a year now! So if you didn't get in keep trying!!! It I'll happen, promise!!
  3. LAHC Fall 2017

    I heard back last application period 8 business days after I took the test but I have no clue when we will get it this semester
  4. LBCC SPRING 2017

    They break students up by their GPA. So 2.5-3.0 3.0-3.5 and so on. Then they choose 5 people from each GPA and pick 10 people from the 4.0 GPA range. Totaling 40 people a semester. I've been told that once they put you into your GPA category it is a ...
  5. LAHC Fall 2017

    Did they mention when we would hear back if we are accepted or not?
  6. LAHC Fall 2017

    @Dream2bnRN I believe they take there test on the 27th of April. And it takes 2 weeks max after that to find out if we got in or not
  7. LAHC Fall 2017

    I received my confirmation also! I was getting worried. Only a week or 2 and we should know if we got in or not!
  8. LAHC Fall 2017

    @Katerlene it take about a week-2 weeks after everyone takes the test! The process is super fast after everyone takes the test :)
  9. LBCC Fall 2017

    Thanks @vannida unfortunately I didn't get in again! Good luck to everyone else!
  10. LBCC Fall 2017

    Awe thank you @compassion_driven. It means a lot! And like wise to you too! Hope you get into the other schools you applied to. If not we will both be on the same boat applying in the spring haha. Oh well everything happens for a reason, right? :)
  11. LBCC Fall 2017

    I still haven't received anything :/ I'm getting a little worried! Sorry for those who didn't get in but it will happen eventually! And goodluck in the program for those who did get in :)
  12. LBCC Fall 2017

    Congrats! @vannida do you know how their selection process works? It's also my 2nd time applying! I hope letters are all sent out at the same time, now I'm thinking maybe I didn't get in Since I haven't received mine yet. Do you live near Long Beach?
  13. LAHC Fall 2017

    That's what they did last time I replied but I haven't received a reply yet. I'm going to call them Monday to make sure they received my email
  14. LBCC Fall 2017

    Hoping for tomorrow! I can't take this waiting game anymore aha
  15. LBCC Fall 2017

    I haven't received anything either! Good to know that your friend got a letter so we know it's coming soon!