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  1. Oh i hope my letter comes tomorrow. Thanks for the info!!
  2. Hi, I didn't receive my letter in mail yet. What is it about?
  3. So all we need to do is attend pre-registration on 12/2 right? We didn't need to respond to email or anything like that before hand?
  4. Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017

    Did you take those courses vinguyen1234? I got in to LA County College of Nursing and Allied Health which has really amazing clinicals and high pass rate too so i'm probably going to go that direction.
  5. Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017

    SOO I got into 3 schools and I'm trying to decide. Does anyone know anyone currently in the program and whether they like it? Will they drop you if they don't have pharmacology already? Or med terminology cause I don't have those and I don't want to ...
  6. LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

    Check your emails!! They sent out acceptances!!!!
  7. I got in too!!
  8. Same here! They must've had a lot of good candidates so it's taking longer to make a decision!
  9. No updates. I'm thinking it's gonna be another 2 weeks around December.
  10. So we're still expecting to hear in December huh?
  11. Nope!
  12. LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

    Yes I followed all the steps and set up a new password.
  13. LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

    They updated the email system at Harbor and I followed the steps to login and change my password but when I go to login it says my account doesn't exist. Is anyone else having trouble?
  14. Same here!
  15. oooh okay!