LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

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Hi, I haven't see anything for the Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017 application. Did anyone on here apply? I'm eagerly waiting for some sort of email!

I called today and they said they are sending them out on Tuesday!

Yay I'm so nervous! Tuesday come faster!

Let me know if you get an email, please :)

Still nothing!

Nothing for me either! I called and the person answered seemed a little unsure and said they needed to tie up a few loose ends before they send out the emails.

My friend stopped by the nursing office and they said they still had applications to review and they might have to push back the teas date

Oh my gosh, that's crazy! Guess we will continue to wait!

Did you take the Teas V or Vi? Any tips?

I just got my email!!!! I was invited to take the teas!!!

ME TOO!!!! I'm soooooo happy!!!

I got it too! I already took it so now I just send and wait another month :bluecry1:

How did you score on the test? Did you take V or VI?

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