LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

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Hi, I haven't see anything for the Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017 application. Did anyone on here apply? I'm eagerly waiting for some sort of email!

Hey guys! Thanks for starting this post! I've also applied for Spring '17 :)

Does anyone know how many people they pick to take/send in teas scores? Or how many people are selected for the program! Anyone get any emails yet? I've been checking everyday but still nothing :(

I have no idea how many they pick for the TEAS. if they got 200 applications, I'm wondering how many of these were disqualified?! I've been checking my email every day too! Hopefully next week :)

I called to see if I made it into the lottery but they just said I will be finding out sometime next week. So hopefully we find out next week! Ill make sure to post on here the second I hear any news. I've been studying for the TEAS test and I'm so stressed out. Just thinking about not passing ruins my day lol. If anyone has any tips on studying for the teas I would greatly appreciate it :) ...and thanks mnurse96 for responding so fast!

Same here! What have you been using to study? I bought the TEAS study book from ATI and one from mometrix. I'm most nervous for the science portion!

I only bought the study manual from ATI! I've mostly been studying the science and math portion! There are also a bunch of free practice test for the TEAS 6! I've been googling "free TEAS 6 practice test" and it is really helpful! There's also an app that you can download to your phone to help study for it as well! I'm most nervous about the science portion and the word problems for math!

Oh okay cool! Thanks for the info!

do you think they are going to send out emails this week? It's getting close í ½í¹„

I called again today and he said by the end of this month we should be getting them. He sounded very enthusiastic and excited to get it done with haha

Did they say how many people were getting invited to take the test?

No I did not ask! I hear it's about 75 though

I can't believe it's taking this long for the emails to go out! I'm checking my email all the time!

I know I'm constantly checking me email! This whole process is so stressful!

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