LA Harbor College Spring 2017 Applicants

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Hi, I haven't see anything for the Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2017 application. Did anyone on here apply? I'm eagerly waiting for some sort of email!

I also applied for spring 2017! So nervous and hoping to get an email to take the teas! Is this your first time apppying?

This is my first time applying! What about you?

Yes, first time for me too! I called and asked how many people applied and the person I spoke to said only about 200

Did you apply anywhere else? Also did they say anything about when an email might go out?

I applied to Long Beach city college but I was not accepted! Now just waiting for LA Harbor! And the person I talked to said that it will probably be mid-late October

Oh okay cool. I applied to Long Beach and didn't get in there either. I'm waiting for Harbor and El Camino. Did you already take the TEAS?

I guess there were like 400+ applying at LBCC! But no I'm studying for it right now! Have you taken the teas?

Yeah that's a lot of people! I took the TEAS V in July just to get it out of the way. I hear the new version is a little easier.

What did you score on it? Do you have to take it again since there's a new version out? But yeah I'm super excited to get it out of the way and it worry about it anymore!

I only studied 2 weeks before I took it, but I got 83% which is not too bad. And I don't have to retake. Schools are accepting the 5 version for Spring's definitely nice to have it out of the way.

That's good then! One less thing to stress about! I hate how it's 2 different lotteries and not just 1

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