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well, i got a letter saying the january class is full for clinicals, so i probably wont be in until fall (barring a complete miracle) , and i am just kind of sad. our school admits people by time stamp-its 1st come 1st serve for the "2 yr" adn program. now, by the time i am done, it will be 4 yrs! at least i have all my non nursing classes done! geez, maybe i should look into the bsn, although who knows how long the wait for that is? thanks for "listening."



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That's awful. Perhaps your thinking is right that you pursue the BSN or LPN if there is that availabilty. I am sure that many of your prereqs will be counted toward the degree.

You would think with the nursing shortage that schools would be expanding programs to increase available nurses.

Good luck. Put yourself on the waitlist if you haven't already. You never know.

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Oh Amy, I think that stinks. Maybe it's time for plan B?

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You can always take more classes toward an eventual BSN while you wait, too. I know, it isn't the same...Hang in there!


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Originally posted by EastCoast

...You would think with the nursing shortage that schools would be expanding programs to increase available nurses...

Unfortunately the shortage also applies to instructors.

15 years ago every class and clinical I had the instructor was a Masters level. Today, a Masters level can make much better money elsewhere. I've heard that some schools are having to "resort" to using BSN level nurses with several years experience in the specific clinical area as clinical instructors.

None of this reduces the disappointment. I know it just totally screwed up your plans for the rest of your life. Hope for miracles, go with 'plan B' and good luck.


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I know how you feel, I got rejected the last application period. I know if I got rejected again I would look at going for the BSN. Good luck which ever way you go.


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Thnaks for the support guys! I am checking out BSN options-I'll just apply everywhere and see what happens. Thankfully I have a good GPA. Cross your phelanges for me,

Amy :)


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hmmm...Allthingsright, I can feel your pain. I was rejected twice and I applied to many schools for the spring 2004 semester but only two I can count on. I hope to get in for the Spring because my time is runnung out.




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sorry to read this, amy. hang in there.

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