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I'm going to have to make a career change to facilitate going to RN school full time. Now I'm a sub-teacher, but obviously I can't do that at night. Was thinking about a phlebotomy job. Otherwise it's just one of those, I'll cross that bridge when I get there (start Fall 2002 with any luck).

Read somewhere, say you can and your subconscious mind will work on the "how" for you, but if you say you can't, it will agree and give up. That's how I got through my BA in music. I just said "I'm going" and my dad said "how do you think you're going to pay for that? And I said, "I don't know, but I'm going." And I did!

So those of you who work, what do you do to support yourselves? Maybe you have ideas for jobs I haven't thought of applying for.


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i don't think my current profession can help you out any and i wouldn't want to recommend it! it is soooo boring! :rolleyes:

currently, i am a wellness manager. i have a bachelors in sports medicine & mathematics, already. originally, my dream was to become an athletic trainer.

my local hospital offers a nurse internship, after a student finishes their 1st med/surg class. check with your local hospital to see if they offer anything like that. just an idea! good luck!

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I worked my way through nursing school as a clerk typist. Very glad now that my mother made me take typing in high school :D

I think your veinipuncture idea is good.

Positive affirmation really does work!

Good Luck

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My position at a company as an IT helpdesk guy is going to be terminated at the begining of the new year so I may go to school during the day and work at night as a Nurses Aid.

It pays HALF of my current job...but I figure it'll help me get experience in the field I want to go in.

*crosses fingers*

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I work as a SNT(student nurse tech) at a local hospital. I really enjoy it, it helps make all the things you learn in school really make since. I would check at your local hospital, also check into getting them to pay for your school. Lots of hospitals offer that option if you will sign a contract with them to work 1 year for each year of school they pay for.

Good Luck to ya



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I'm a secretary three days a week right now. When I go back to school next semester my hubby will be the only one bringing home the chicken...since we rarely eat bacon.


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I work full time days as a Treatment Nurse and I will start Saturday and Sunday as a Weekend Treatment Nurse at a different facility. At the beginning of the year when clinicals start next semester, I will work weekends.

I would suggest you get some form of experience in the nursing/medical (CNA, unit secretary, etc.) field. Let us know what you decide.


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This will sound dumb but... a while back I delivered Pizzas for Dominoes. Ok now that you are laughing..... I worked evenings mostly, listened to tunes in my car, ate Pizza til I was blue in the face, and the people were great.

Best thing I averaged $14/hr after adding in tips.

I know a lot of people who work their butt off as a cna for $8/hr just to be in a related profession.

speaking less seriously but....

Knew a girl who was a medical student. She said she didnt have time to work often. She stripped on weekends and would make around $400/night.


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I tried to register for the plebotomy class, but it was already closed.:( I'm going to try to add. Can't get ahold of the instructor since she's adjunct faculty and has no office on campus. About tuition reimbursement, yes, that was exactly why I was thinking of working in a hospital lab, it would be like getting a bonus $1k every 5 months (about what the university costs here in CA).

On the pizza thing - not a bad idea, but I get lost if I go around the block and get off the sidewalk!! lol I'm the one that when coming out of a store in the mall cannot figure out which way I just came from! I always say that when God made me, he forgot to put in the compass!! Also my car is leased so I can't put a lot of extra miles on it or they'll get me at the end (just turned in my last one to avoid the problem, and leased a newer model of the same car). But keep throwing ideas at me! You may help me stumble onto something.

The unit secty thing I would just dread like the plague. I've been a secty before (and have been canned more than once!) It's just not me. I'm too assertive and not goot at being a gopher or flunky typist - no flaming, I'm not saying secty's are all that way, just most of the jobs I had in the past didn't give me any autonomy. One actually told me, we don't pay you to think, we pay you to type....grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! And that wasn't in the ancient past either!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted, right now, will teach until the end of the school year then probably look for a new job in the summer if I can't get a job teaching summer school.



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All last summer, and as many hours as I could get in whilst at sixth form, I worked at McDonalds. I never cared about how crap the job was, it was good money, now I've started my training I have had to quit the job because my new store (I transfered stores) were really impatient with me about my availability, wanting me to work, shifts after I had been on doubles etc:rolleyes:


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Hi! While I was at school I worked as a CNA, which really helped me experience-wise and I learned how to work with the patients, too. I think phlebotomy would also be a great job while going to school, also unit secretary. I work on a cardiac unit and we use monitor techs (EXCELLENT ones, I might add!) to watch the tele monitors, and on quiet days or nights they can can read or study while they watch the monitors. Also, while I was a CNA I worked in a rehab where we took care of head injury patients who needed one-to-one sitters. For a while they used CNA's, but soon started using 'sitters' from agencies for the patients who weren't violent or too impulsive, and since these sitters weren't licensed in any way, they couldn't do any 'hands on' work with the patients, they would call the CNA's for that. Many of the sitters would use the work time to study for their classes. Hope this helps a little, and good luck!! :)


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While I was in school, I worked in telephone customer service for ADT Security Services. They paid full benefits and full tuition reimbursement (including books) for employees working a minimum of 20hr/week. Can't beat that w/a stick!!!

The last year that I was there, I had moved from customer service to quality assurance. There, I monitored calls and gave "anonymous" reviews of employees on the floor. Made $13.00/hr, almost 14.00/hr by the time I graduated. The hours were VERY flexible too. My last semester took up Mon-Fri, so, I worked 10hrs on Sat and 10hrs Sun. Was probly the best job I could have had while I was in school....it was a steady paycheck and I knew that the tuition that I had put on my chargecard would be paid back at the end of the semester.

My present job is the first I've ever had in healthcare. Didn't hurt me one bit.....doin' great.


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