what kind of nursing specialty do you want and why? :)

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i think the subject says it all...what kind of nurse do you want to be when you grow up and why? :) for me- either NICU nursing, OR, OB...maybe Peds?? still figuring it out ;) i LOVE babies/children- big & small...and i really enjoyed my OR day and could definately see myself doing that-the different operations just blow my mind!

Specializes in Family Practice, Emergency Nursing.

I want to work in the Emergency Department or Trauma Unit. When I was doing my rotations for phlebotomy I had the opportunity to work on all floors of the hospital. Out of all of the floors my favorite was ED. I loved the spontaneity and the constant change with the patients.

I want OB, and hopefully some day be a midwife. I want to work with them mums more then the babies. I just think its a time when women really need support and some one advocating for them.

Specializes in Geriatrics.

I'm torn...

I love working with babies/children, so maybe pediatrics or NICU someday down the line.

But I absolutely love psych, especially with geriatric patients. I also have a soft spot for patients with dementia/alzheimer's.

The areas I would NEVER want to work in are:


-Oncology (my father died from cancer when I was very young and it just hits too close to home)

I could never do peds, I like kids too much. It's hard enough watching my geriatrics get sick and pass...I'd be an emotionally incompetent train wreck around sick kids all the time.

I'm gearing for Trauma or Emergency. Maybe Psych. Anything with excitement and variety is good for me.

im to emotional for all of that so i thought about specializing in anesthesia. i know its sounds boring. but i rather save money and start my own buisness.

Nurse anesthesiologists make a ton of money...I think it's the highest-paid specialty, actually. But it's a masters program, and very selective.

yeah i know. i work for a doctor's office now; they want to open a surgery center of their own. and i plan on keeping my connections with them in the future when i go to school fulltime. i use to be the surgery coordinator for the office and i'm very familiar with the employees at the centers we work with. i'm just hoping when it's time to find a job they would consider me and the doctors that i currently work for would be able to write me a letter of recommendation. i feel really hopeful about my future; it will all work out one way or another.

you have to start somewhere right? :lol2:

Specializes in LTC, Psych, Hospice.

I plan to stay in hospice. I've been there nearly 12 years as an LPN and continue working part-time while in school. I love hospice because you can truly make a difference in a persons last days, weeks, or months. I actually just read an article on using the COPE method (creativity, optimism, planning, expert information) with cancer pts and I'm thinking, "I can use some of these things with my own pts".

I want to try to get into ED, ICC, CCU or hospice care.

But first I got to work on graduating and making sure that I understand everything that I am being taught so that I can help people in the future. =D

OB, OR, and DNP :)

Love love little babies :)

I'd love to do emergency nursing. I've been able to do a few clinical days in the ED and even when it's nothing terrible flashy I still find it exciting. I like the variety, the pace, the energy and the personality of the folks who work in ER nursing.

I will not do psych nursing- HATED my psych clinical, felt like *I* was on lock down, didn't like the compromises to patient autonomy made at the facility. I also don't want to do oncology- my dad was diagnosed with cancer the summer I started school and I just don't want to know *anything* about it other than what's going on with my dad (no stats, not whether his response is typical or atypical, not what all could possibly go wrong, etc. I *just* want to be part of the patient's family for cancer).

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