WHO's A** does one have to kiss to get a job in Louisville?

  1. Especially Norton Healthcare. I am at wits end with these people. I even contacted the PRESIDENT and he IGNORED me too. I am filing a complaint with Employment commisson. Critical care nurse turned down for a MEd surg job???PLEASE!!!
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  3. by   nursesarah10
    Tell me about it!!!!! With the new certification that Norton is getting..no LPN's can get hired on so there was a flood of experienced nurses into the hospitals that would and now there is nothing left but LTC. WHat the heck am I suppsed to do until I get my RN. I did not put up with Galen's crap to be an LPN at a LTC!
  4. by   almcco3
    I'm a new UK graduate and Norton told me that they didn't even have enough room for all of their Norton scholars and they turned me away.
  5. by   SMuddRN
    The Louisville area is saturated with RNs now thanks to all the RN schools here. The hospitals are being picky and it's difficult for new grads to find work. Several new grads have to pay back the hospitals that gave them money for nursing school because there are NO JOBS for them! How ridiculous....the "nursing shortage" is a scam.
  6. by   Spode
    Yes, it is a SCAM!!! I get so sick of hearing "nurses can always get a job". I am just aggravated that I am paying student loan debt for a degree that I cannot even use. I discourage people from attending nrsing school for this very reason. Education is a business too; however, some people refuse to realize this. Do you agree?
  7. by   SMuddRN
    Very well said, education IS a business and they are in the business of making money (i.e. tuition)~ so sorry to hear that you can't even find a job in Louisville. Maybe you should try getting an Indiana license.
  8. by   mappers
    "Critical care nurse turned down for a MEd surg job???PLEASE!!! "

    Maybe they sensed your condescending attitude toward Med Surg and thought there was a better candidate.
  9. by   BBFRN
    Apparently, Jewish recently laid off a ton of nurses. Plus, we have all those new grads coming out. That might be why the jobs are so scarce now in the Louisville area.

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