RN moving to Kentucky NEED HELP!!!!

  1. Hello everyone!! I have a ton of questions looking for positive advice, support, suggestions, and answers. I will be moving to Kentucky near Ft Knox(soon to be military wife) or Louisville area. I'm a RN with an associates degree enrolling for BSN soon (cna experience, nurse tech experience, and Rn experience approx. 10 months experience) been in LTC, Neurology, and Vent Unit-RN Supervisor). From GA and i'm wanting feedback from nurses in Kentucky or that have been there because I will be moving there around end of March. I've read a few posts about Nursing jobs in KY and just to get conversations started if you could tell me more about these questions below or anything you think is relevant that would be greatly appreciated. You can even give me info on things outside of nursing as well. Thank you!

    1. What are the best and worst facilities in the Kentucky area?
    2. What is the starting salary in the Kentucky area, you can be specific as well?
    3. Endorsement and classes for KY license what's that like?

    I believe all things are possible to them that believe and I can do all things through Christ. So I WILL HAVE A GREAT JOB AND THE PROCESS WON'T BE HARD OR LONG!! I speak positive!
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I started 2 weeks ago working for Norton Healthcare in Louisville. There were 100 nurses (LPN and RN) in my orientation class. Several of the experienced KY nurses that I talked to left Baptist Health to come work for Norton. Two of my classmates work for Jewish Hospital (Kentucky One) and seem happy.

    Endorsing was pretty painless. Application, fingerprints, license verification, and 2 online courses $10-15 each (HIV and Ky Jurisprudence Exam).
  4. by   GodMinistryNurse
    @Don1984,RN Thank you so much for that information. I will look into Norton Healthcare I actually just did a quick look I love the variety I'm seeing. If you could please stay in touch with me that would be a blessing, in case i have questions throughout the application process.
    1. Now would be a good time to start the process being i'm moving in March and about how long did
    the process take?
    2. Do you know why they left Baptist and chose Norton Healthcare?
    3. Excuse me for asking but being that you're just starting i'm sure you know what is the starting salary at Norton?
    4. Also, is the Ky Jurisprudence Exam like a Nclex exam can you explain that some and is it online?
    5. Can the fingerprinting be done and can all these things for endorsement be done from here or is there anything i'll have to do when I get there?
    6. How long is Louisville from Fort Knox?

    Thank you so much!! Very helpful!!!!
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    1. I would start your endorsement process now. It took 4-6 weeks to get my KY license.
    2. I have no idea why they left Baptist.
    3. New grads start at around $22 plus $4 night differential
    4. KY jurisprudence course and exam is a short online course with a short (10-20 questions) quiz over very general KY nursing laws. Links to websites for the HIV and jurisprudence course is on the application section of KY BON.
    5. Once you apply for license, they will send you a fingerprint card. You need to go to your local police dept. and have them scan your fingerprints and print them to the card. Then send the card to the KY state police post.
    6. Ft Knox is 40 miles away from Louisville
  6. by   lauris4luv
    i moved to fort knox area some 9 months ago( mil spouse) so I do understand these questions. You need to start the process now, mine took bout 4 weeks. Nursing jobs are hard to come by around Fort knox, Radcliff, Elizabethtown. I work in Louisville because i couldn't find anything around here. If you have experience in LTC check out Signature Health Care, they seem to be all over KY and they are always hiring. Matter of fact, the one located in E-town which is about 15miles is currently looking for nurses.
    I took a pay cut relocating here but i had no choice. I think the pay might be around the same with GA. I have 5yrs experience and i make 31$ hr but i am prn so don't know. Good luck to you
  7. by   organichombre
    Louisville is a great place to be a nurse. There are a number of health care facilities and colleges as well. What is considered the best and worst...well for benefits the VA is the best when it comes to benefits. 15 paid holidays a year, 5 weeks paid vacation (you earn ~8 hours each 2 weeks) and ~$23/hr for someone with less than a year experience. University hospital recently went through a merger and staff satisfaction is probably at its lowest in years. Funny thing...the company that took over fired some 18 people and then about 3 months later realized that they needed them back. I know first hand that they actually asked some of them to return and they flat out said "really, sorry"! There is a lot of politics going on here right now and you will undoubtedly be pressured to care for more patients than you think you can. Some places have gone back to team nursing to save money, some still do primary but you run the risk of multiple patients and the push to unionize nurses here has stalled. The VA does have a union that represents nurses and as I've heard, one must kill someone to get fired from the VA! What I would look for is who am I interviewing with? If it is the manager and recruiter I'd say thanks but no thanks. However, if you are interviewing with the manager and a staff member chances are that facility is more empowering towards their staff. Bottom line. who will help me the most in my education and job experience. Welcome to Louisville!
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    Hello GMN,
    I noticed your post and wanted to check with you to see how things have been for you. I will be relocating to Louisville hopefully early next year. I got some good advice from a previous post but wanted to see how the process was for someone coming from outside KY. Thanks
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    GodMinistryNurse[FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#666666],

    I am currently enrolled in a ADN program in Texas, but once I graduate in May I want to move to Kentucky. What is the process like for transferring my license? Do I need to physically be in Kentucky before I start the application? I am a veteran and I saw some job openings at the VA in Louisville and Lexington. It does not mention having a KY Nursing license in the requirements. It just says must have ADN. Does that mean if I apply to the VA that I would still need to transfer my license?[/COLOR][/FONT]
  10. by   GodMinistryNurse
    Hi I am so sorry its been a while since I've been on the Thread hopefully its not too late and you'll see. I'm on a different location now however most VA's require for the nurse to have license for that state to practice in that state. You can always call recruiters there and verify. Also, I no longer have my license since I'm not there and not going back anytime soon but I dont remember the entire process it wasn't long. You may be able to start the process beforehand. Hope that helps.
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    Hi I'm no longer in ky and haven't been on the thread in a while sorry.
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    Thanks!! I'm no longer in ky haven't been for 1yr and few months but thanks for your info at that time
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