NLN RN Pre entrance exam

  1. can someone tell me if there is a better way to prepare for the nursing exam, i take it on oct 20th, i bought the study guide. Is that the best thing to get? or has someone taken it that scored well that can give me some tips? thanks
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  3. by   abingtonhope2007
    Im taking the exam on October 13th. I just seen that there is a book for this. Where can I purchase this book from?
  4. by   pronurse2009
    Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam

    by Mary E. McDonald

    I found this on Barnes and Noble, as I too want to score high on my NLN Pre Nursing Exam
  5. by   gabriella86
    I took it and studied from that book. I took it for a Diploma school in Rhode Island. My overall score was a 90. I just studied each section doing the timed tests and and studied a little extra on the parts I felt rusty on. Overall, I was shocked at how simple the test was. I think I stressed too much over it. Just practice a bit and relax.
  6. by   pronurse2009
    hey, thanks!
  7. by   gabriella86
  8. by   MissGwen
    I took it a couple years ago and honestly, I thought it was pretty easy. I did not study for it at all and I scored in the 89th percentile. You can probably purchase the study guide from Ebay or most bookstores. Barnes and Noble will order something for you if you ask. It is kind of like the ACT in a way.

    Good Luck!

  9. by   pronurse2009
    That's really encouraging. Thanks a bunch!
  10. by   Neoma
    I used the NLN study guide. I ended up with a 92% overall. I feel like it helped me. I just went through as much of it as I could - should have spent more time on the science part of it. I also went through the section on test-taking tips, but I'd been out of school for twenty plus years. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, and don't stress over the test. Eat a healthy breakfast so your brain has the necessary energy. Hope that helps. You'll do fine.

  11. by   pronurse2009
    :redpinkhe Thanks, these are all huge self-esteem boosters for me. I can't wait to take it!
  12. by   Jenrose15
    Yeah, I used the NLN study guide, too, and I got a 90%.
  13. by   heidi101
    that sounds great! luv the motivation here
  14. by   Snowii
    Do all schools require an entrance exam? I have scoured the internet to see if UK does and can't find anyhting.

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