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  1. Neoma

    Students that cheat

    In our program, there are at least four different versions of the exam handed out. At least four of the nursing instructors are in the class while the exam is taking place. No books, phones, cups, water or soda bottles, are allowed. A pencil and a provided calculator. That's it. Once you leave the room, for any reason, you aren't allowed back in. If you're late, you're allowed in, but only if no one has completed their test and left the room. Otherwise, you are taking a different exam on a make-up date. Our entire grade is made up of our exams. We either pass of fail clinicals; we don't get a grade for that. I couldn't figure out the reason for not allowing someone to have drinks at their desk when taking exams. My son ended up telling me. He said there was a kid in one of his classes when he was in middle school that had copied a label from a pop bottle, and replaced the writing on it with a cheat sheet. My mind just doesn't think of these types of things. Anyway, that's how they do it at our school.
  2. Neoma

    HELP W/ Nursing Study Books

    Ditto what Daytonite said. I'm second semester also. I really like the Saunders book. It's divided into sections and I use it as an additional study aid for exams. For example, we just finished the OB rotation and took our final for it last week. I went through my notes to study, but I also went through those sections in the Saunders book. Before you get to the questions in each section, it has a short review type section.
  3. Neoma

    what do you wish you knew back then??

    I'm almost at the end of first year. It's flown by! Don't get behind in reading. Read the material before lecture. I make notes to myself if there's something that I just don't grasp when reading. 99.9% of the time, it's covered during lecture and I don't have to ask. Use some type of calendar to keep track of dates things are due, skills check-off dates, exams, assignments due, etc. Two books that are helpful: Ackley and Ladwig's Nursing Diagnosis Handbook; And Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care - 8th edition and Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination. The first really helped with care plans, and the second allows me to test myself on material covered to help prepare for an exam. Take time for yourself. It's easy to overwhelm yourself if you don't. One of the things that I've really appreciated it at our school is the first year faculty. They are supportive and approachable. I'll really miss them when I move to second year. HTH
  4. Neoma

    Wearing scrubs to nursing school?

    We don't wear scrubs for anything other than clinicals, and when we have to do a video skill check-off.
  5. Neoma

    Need encouragement and advice

    I don't know which book you're using for A&P. We used the one by Marieb and Hoehn. It's Anatomy and Physiology seventh edition. There was a website from the publisher of the book that had quizzes you could do over each chapter. That helped me. For me, A&P II was harder in some ways than I. I did the quizzes at the end of each chapter also. Vangonotes also carries an audio cliff notes of some of the textbooks. That was available for our book. I would listen to those over and over. Between the quizzes and the audio, it really helped. HTHs
  6. Neoma

    Daily planner

    This is a bit 'low-tech', but it works for me. I bought one of the desk calendars at Walmart. The big one that is supposed to sit on your desk. It was less than 3.00. It is blank so you just write in the month and dates. As soon as the we have an outline for class, I put everything on it. It's only showing a month at a time, so I'm not overwhelmed. I just tear off that month when it's done. I used to print out a weekly calendar and put it in a binder, but I found I wasn't really utilizing it much because it was out of site. The one I'm using now works better for me because it's right there, and I can see at a glance what's due for the week or month. I've got it hanging right on my bedroom door. No chance of missing it. lol HTHs.
  7. Neoma

    Recommended Nursing Books for RN Students

    I'm first year still, and two books that I swear by: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook; An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care is great for doing care plans. Saunder's NXCLEX Review is another. When I'm getting ready for an exam, I go over my notes, but I also use this to 'quiz' myself on the material also. Hope that helps, and good luck in school. Maryann
  8. Neoma

    Scared to death of doing a foley insertion.

    I just put my first one into a patient last week at clinicals. The only way I'd it up to that point was on a mannequin. The patient was in labor, had just had her epidural put in, so we were good. I have to say, that's the only one I've done, but it was way different than the mannequin. lol But I got it on the first try. I was on cloud nine. It's funny the things that tickle us nursing students. Good luck. You'll be fine. Just mentally go over the steps in your mind. I "talked" myself through it step by step.
  9. I bought Nursing Diagnosis Handbook; An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care 8th edition by Ackley and Ladwig last semester. I helped a lot. It was actually a requirement for us; came on our PDA software, but the book itself is more complete than the PDA software. In the front of the book, you can look up different illnesses or issues, and it will have a list of nursing diagnosis to choose from. Then the rest of the book lists each of the individual diagnosis along with the interventions, etc. Hope that helps, Maryann PS: Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Nursing-Diagnosis-Handbook-Evidence-Based-Planning/dp/0323048269/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231929335&sr=8-1
  10. Neoma

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    I just turned 42 a week ago. I'm in my first semester of nursing school. Graduation is May 2010. Go for it! A lot of the students in our class are my age and older. Good luck!
  11. Neoma

    Thinking of moving to Kentucky

    Another Alabama transplant here. We moved here from Montgomery though. I'm not a nurse yet - still in nursing school. Just wanted to say hi. :) Maryann
  12. Neoma

    NLN Exam, and BCTC vs. ECTC

    BCTC is really competitive too. They accept around 120 each year, but there are a lot more than that that apply. If you want to improve your score, you may want to get the NLN review. I feel like it helped me. They go by your total score instead of the individual scores. You can also take the ACT. I don't remember what the rolling admission GPAs and ACT/NLN scores are, but it may be on the program website. HTHs, Maryann
  13. Neoma

    Anxiety about first clinical

    Take a deep breath. I'm a first semester nursing student, also. We did long-term care the first sixth weeks, and just started our second rotation for this semester at the hospital this week. They are totally different animals. For our first rotation, we were shown around the facility and oriented on where to find what we needed. We knew going in what skills we were going to have to work on; patient histories, and head to toe assessments. Our clinical instructor paired us up for our first day at the LTC facility. That helped because most of us have no medical background. You can always ask to see if this is something that would be allowed. We were required to have an assessment book and RN notes pocket guide. We all carry our with us to each clinical, as well as our PDAs. As I said, we just started our hospital rotation this week, but we seemed to have more time with our clients in the hospital than we did in LTC. I took the same items with me, but we are able to give meds now, and will be doing check-offs for injections this coming week. Just be patient with yourself. If don't know something, don't be afraid to ask. The anxiety level will go down once you get in there and start doing it. If at all possible, practice on families and friends for assessments. Are you going into LTC or a hospital? What check-offs or skills are you expected to perform once you start? Good luck, and try not to stress too much. The facility employees and clients you care for know you are students, and the clients I've dealt with so far have been very patient and sweet. Maryann
  14. Neoma

    Any Older Nursing Students Near Lexington, KY?

    Hi, KentuckyRN2Be. I'm about an hour east of Lexington - Mt Sterling. I just started nursing school in August and will graduate in May 2010. What school are you attending? I'm at BCTC in Lexington. There are quite a few students in my class my age - 41 - and older. I'm just keeping my nose to the grindstone and studying my tail off. lol Exam 2 tomorrow. PM me if you want to chat. Maryann
  15. Neoma

    BCTC. What are my odds?

    Unless they've changed it, you have to have your A & P I done when you apply. Did you already go to one of the pre-nursing conferences yet? I know that was a requirement for us - I just started my first semester of the nursing program this semester, and I know they do occasionally change the requirements. These are the classes we had to have completed before applying: College Algebra, Writing I, General Psychology, Communications, and A & P I, as far as I remember. When you attend the pre-nursing conference, they tell you exactly which classes are a pre-requisite. Hope that helps, and good luck. Maryann
  16. Neoma

    NLN RN Pre entrance exam

    I used the NLN study guide. I ended up with a 92% overall. I feel like it helped me. I just went through as much of it as I could - should have spent more time on the science part of it:D. I also went through the section on test-taking tips, but I'd been out of school for twenty plus years. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, and don't stress over the test. Eat a healthy breakfast so your brain has the necessary energy. Hope that helps. You'll do fine. Maryann