Madisonville Community College Fall 2013 Nursing Program

  1. Just wanted to see if anyone else will be attending the Fall 2013 class?

    Seriously cannot wait to start the program! Hurry up August 19th!!
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  3. by   StudentGina
    Hi, I will also be starting the 2013 RN program at Madisonville. Nervous and excited!
  4. by   StudentGina
    I was curious if there are any other students starting the 2013 RN program at Madisonville?
    I am getting excited about orientation on Wednesday and hoping it will calm my nerves! I hope this class will stick together and help each other with study groups and long lasting friendships since it looks like from all the post I have read on here, they will be our pseudo family for two years!
  5. by   LaraW90
    That’s awesome! Congratulations on getting into the program! I am sooo nervous and excited too. I can’t wait for orientation on Wednesday. Hopefully it’ll help answer all our questions and calm some nerves!

    Have you always attended Madisonville? Before being accepted into RN program, I attended Hopkinsville, so I’m a little extra nervous about going to a new school :/
  6. by   StudentGina
    I attended MCC in the 80's (telling my age now) but was offered a good paying job in Administration. I did that for 26 years before the office shut down. I went to OCC the last two semesters. I got excepted to both programs but everyone kept telling me MCC had a great program so I chose to go there. It will be hard from what I am seeing on these boards ( enough to scare you to death! ) but we can do it if we really give it our all. I have several friends one who is a NPR and he said it is a great school.
  7. by   Cortney2013
    I will not be attending MCC but I will be starting Hoptowns program and just wanted to wish you ladies luck!! Our classes begin on the 19th also so I am VERY excited!!
  8. by   StudentGina
    Good luck to you too Cortney!
  9. by   LaraW90
    Thank you for the reassurance Gina! Crazy that this time next week we’ll be in class! Maybe I’ll see you at orientation tomorrow?!

    Good luck Cortney!! Only 6 more days! Eeeeek!
  10. by   StudentGina
    Yes I hope to see you tomorrow also, word of warning, if you have not picked up your books yet, take a dolly! I took my roll away book bag and had to stop and organize just to get everything out the door with the zipper open mind you. They were also out of the math books so I have to go back for that one.
  11. by   LaraW90
    Oh, my goodness, yes!! I bought all my books off of Amazon, except for our fundamentals of nursing bundle and nurse pak. I ordered those from the school bookstore, and the package literally weighed 30lbs!! I’m still waiting on two more books to arrive from Amazon.

    Here is what I have so far..

  12. by   StudentGina
    Yes,that's them give or take a few. I am not a math person and of course that is the book they are out of. Deep breaths, here we go!
  13. by   StudentGina
    I tried to find you today, I asked 3 girls if they were Lara. lol too many blonds that look like your pic there today. I was the old woman in the green top and ponytail in the front row if you saw me. We are going to have to tell each other what color to look for Monday.
  14. by   StudentGina
    PS, I just noticed we have the same last name! I was signing sheets behind you all day!