Kentucky State Tornado Drill

  1. At 10:07 am today, March 8, 2005, the tornado warning sirens across the state will go off in preparation for the coming severe storm season. I was wondering if any of your facilities are doing anything as far as inservices or internal tornado drills. I just fought for over two months to get my facility to update the disaster manual, it is still a disorganized mess but its something.
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  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I heard no sirens, had no drills. Hell on two wheels on our floor as usual, but no mention of tornadoes!!
  4. by   Chad_KY_SRNA
    I was dissapointed, I went outside and listened and couldn't hear the siren from my house. I know it went off because I was listening to the police scanner and you could hear it in the background. Having been at work for two tornadoes now I hate that you can't hear them. Last time we had no idea that a warning had been issued until the head of maintenance came in from home and told us to start moving people into the hall.
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    We often hear it from patients watching the weather on tv before we get notified by nursing services.
  6. by   NurseCard
    There was actually a code green called at my facility, but it wasn't until well after the tornado sirens had started going off, and actually the sirens QUIETED just a few seconds or so after we finally called the code green!

    I'm in Frankfort and you could really hear those sirens! I always get butterflies in my stomach when they go off, even if I know it is just a drill. It didn't help that it was cloudy the day of the drill!

    I grew up in Louisville, and once worked with a girl who claimed that she had a tornado siren like, right outside of her bedroom window. Talk about a rude awakening! But, at least she never had to worry about NOT knowing if a tornado was in the area!
  7. by   Chad_KY_SRNA
    I wouldn't mind having one nearby. You might recall a news story on LEX 18 last month about the Athol tornado a few years back, I know a few people who lost homes and relatives and I know all of the EMS and Fire crews who were on scene. My cousin was working in the first EMS unit to arrive on scene and helped triage the wounded. They had no warning. The National Weather Service office in Jackson issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning three minutes after the tornado hit. It was a bad day, you could see debris floating down the river outside of our facility. I hate the thought of a tornado actually hitting the facility.

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