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  1. Do any of you know anything about the graduate programs in Kentucky. Which programs have the best reputation with students?

    I am currently working towards becoming a nurse. I currently have a bachelors degree and I've found that due to this I can go directly into a masters program. I'm starting to look a head and just want some input.
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  3. by   Lacie
    Check UK out as they have an excellent program. Not sure how things are now but used to be you had to have at least 2 years on-hands nursing experience to attend the MSN programs. At least it was required when I applied there for mine.
  4. by   BBFRN
    If you live in Louisville, you might want to check out Bellarmine.
  5. by   KYCNM
    Are you really looking for a second degree program? That's usually what persons with another degree are looking for. Some programs are available that allow multiple exits (at the end of 15 months, BSN or for additional time, MSN).
  6. by   S723B
    Well, I have a degree and I am near completing an ADN program. Most second degree programs, that I am aware of, start without any nursing training.
  7. by   KYCNM
    It wasn't clear from your earlier posts that you were near completion of the ADN. If that is the case, things are different. Each school of nursing has their own routes to post baccalaureate degrees. Some will admit someone with an ADN and have them take "bridge course" that include some of the bacccalaureate content deemed necessary as a basis for graduate study then admit you to the graduate program. The best advice I can offer is to visit several websites and see what each program has to offer, tnen pick the one that suits your goals and needs.
  8. by   S723B
    I apologize. I just reread my original post and it's very vague huh? I know I want to do advanced nursing to some degree. I'm leaning towards Women's Health, Midwife, or maybe even pediatric. Are there any programs you can think of that will allow an RN with a non-nursing bachelor degree to bridge into one of these programs? I have found some schools that will allow me to bridge into their MSN program. Bellarmine will allow me into the MSN or MSN/MBA program after completing 6 classes. Is it to my benefit to do that and then go to a NP or CNM program?

    I'm not necessarily wanting to stay in KY(though my parents would prefer it).
  9. by   KYCNM
    When I googled ADN to MSN, I got this website that lists programs that may give you the information you need. Some of the programs are in KY, many are not. Good luck with the search.
  10. by   KYCNM
    Oops, forgot to add the website (Alzheimer's is lurking, must do SUDOKU!).
  11. by   myrn07
    i had a friend who just completed the ADN-MSN bridge at vanderbilt

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