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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   Tinam77
    lasdrs Michelle will start in July at night. I will do the same if I have passed my test. Are you going nights or day?
  2. by   michelleb72
    hey lasdrs I took my test March 12th got a 188. I got a phone call from Galen saying that I was accepted around the end of March. I told them I didn't want to start until the July class and was told they would just hold my acceptance packet and mail it the middle of May. I haven't seen it yet so I called this afternoon to see where mine is. I left a message but haven't heard back. I will let you know what I find out. Maybe you should call too. I would think you would have heard by now. GOOD LUCK!
  3. by   lasdrs07
    I am wanting to go days in July. Congrats michelle on getting accepted! I called Allida Williams last Tuesday and she told me that the letters were being sent out in groups and that I would hear something within a week or week and a half. The same thing happened to acorne when she called. We've decided that maybe it has something to do with when we took our test. I don't know. I'm just starting to get really worried!! 1stLady2 and preemiemama called and Allida just told them over the phone that they were accepted. I don't want to call again and keep bugging her, but if I still haven't heard anything by the end of this week, then I may just call again. I'm driving myself crazy with!!!
  4. by   KYERT
    Congrats to all of you who have been accepted. I bet you are so excited! I'm really curious, what grants were you all able to get? And is the remaining cost covered by the Stafford loan? I'm very worried about the financial aid aspect of Galen.
  5. by   krltdy
    Quote from KYERT
    Congrats to all of you who have been accepted. I bet you are so excited! I'm really curious, what grants were you all able to get? And is the remaining cost covered by the Stafford loan? I'm very worried about the financial aid aspect of Galen.

    I have no idea yet, my financial aid appt. isn't until next Wed. This is also something I'm very concerned about. When I found out what's going on Wed., I'll post the info here. Have you applied to Galen yet?
  6. by   michelleb72
    I think the cost is something most of us are concerned about. I applied for federal student aid and had the info sent to Galen not exactly sure how much it will cover though. I think every person's situation is different so it will vary as to what we qualify for (just a guess). Just curious is anyone going to be working full-time and going to school. I am confident that I can grasp what we have to learn. I am just concerned that there may not be enough hours in the day. Hey lasdrs have you heard anything yet? Preemiemama that would be great if you could give us a little insight. I am still waiting on my acceptance packet.
  7. by   lil_meme19
    Hey everyone!!! I just received my acceptance packet this past Saturday and I scheduled my financial aid appt with Jessica on June 4th. She told me the only grants you can use your first year are the Pell grant and SEOG grant.

    You can apply for the NISF which is the Nursing Incentative Scholarship Fund. The deadline is June 1st but it opens back up and you can apply starting January 2010. It pays up to 3,000 per year with a 1 year commitment for every academic year funded. There are requirements just like everything else but it could be something that could help us out! Jessica also told me that you can receive money throughout the year to reduce your student loans. So apply for any and all scholarships you can find. Free money is FREE MONEY!!!

    I did find out bad news on Monday... I was granted 1900 for the CAP grant through the state but Galen doesn't allow the 1st year LPN students to use it. What a shame to let that money go to waste

    Good luck to everyone still waiting for their packets and test results!!!
  8. by   Lpntxn1
    Hi everyone! I have not heard a peep squeek on my acceptence. MY regular mail man is on vacation. The subsitute mail carrier has given me other peoples mail!! That flipped me out. So I let him know I was waiting on a letter from Galen. I would hate to think he would give my acceptence letter to a neighbor!! I am probably just paranoid!! lol.... This waiting is killing me. I feel like I am stuck in limbo. I just want to know one way or the other. Dag!!
  9. by   michelleb72
    Hey kayleeandJacob thanks for the info! On the pell grant part did you do the federal student aid application on line? I did and it gave me my EFC (estimated family contribution). Do you know if that means that amount is all that I should have to pay for the year and grants will cover the rest?

    Wow acorne! You have been waiting a while haven't you?
  10. by   lil_meme19
    Say your EFC is 0... that doesn't mean that you don't have to pay anything, it just means that you are eligible most likely for the max Pell grant amount which I do believe this year it is 5300.

    SEOG...the max at Galen is 600 (and that is going from memory on the amounts) So if your EFC is 0 you could end up with about 11,000 in student loans until you can apply for WIA and The Nursing incentative Fund in January.

    I just tried to apply for WIA (I have hear the amount is anywhere from 3500 to 4600) and the lady told me that Galen 1st year LPN students have to wait until our third quarter to actually get the benefit amount but we can start applying at the end of our second quarter which would be sometime in January.
    Sorry if all that sounds confusing.
  11. by   michelleb72
    That actually made sense. Good job explaining it. The problem with me is I will be going part-time at nights so its going to take me 21 months to finish the lpn program. The EFC is based on a years time so I am not sure how that affects me or if it still works out the same. Thanks for the info!
  12. by   lil_meme19
    Is anyone having a hard time getting their shot records or know where to get a titer test??? I know I'm not a spring chicken or anything but I am the young age of and my old Peds office is having to search for my records for the MMR and documentation that I had Chicken Pox. They said chances are they can't go back that far.

    I have called all of the health depts and Family health centers that is on the list they gave us and none of them do titers. I called Baptistworks and they charge 75.00 per titer test. Just wondering if anyone found them cheaper since my insurance will not pay for a physical, tests or shots that has to do with work or school.

    FYI.... The little clinic in Krogers only charge 29.00 for a physical and 15.00 for a TB test.
  13. by   lasdrs07
    Hey michelleb and acorne! I STILL have not heard anything about my acceptance either! It's driving me crazy and, acorne, I am paranoid just like you. I keep saying that maybe the mailman accidentally put it in the wrong mailbox...haha! I called Maggie Claypool yesterday to see if she knew anything different than what Allida told me and she said pretty much the same thing Allida did. She told me that right now is just a waiting game and that I should hear something soon. She said if I don't get in for July then I will automatically be considered for October. I just want to know one way or another!!!!! I can't stand it!

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