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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   slmcdo05
    Hi wishinguponastar! I don't know how long it will take to get your acceptance letter, but the night classes never fill up. You should be fine!
  2. by   wishinguponastarLPN
  3. by   mommyo5
    I would definiteley give them a call and tell them you were wondering if you will be receiving an acceptance packet for the evening classes. Tell them you were just needing to make arrangements to get ready if you are accepted but I think you should be. I would think you should have heard something by now and this would also insure they haven't lost your test results or your file.
  4. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Thanks! I took your advice and called and spoke to the night LPN Registar Shawn and she told me that she is working on my file, she told me to get my high school transcripts turned into her so she can close it out! I would say that is a good thing, right!?
  5. by   mommyo5
    That sounds great! It sounds to me like they have been so busy getting out letters for the day classes that they haven't had time to work on evenings. I'm sure that is a good sign and I bet you will be receiving your packet within a few days! Good luck and I would say congrats are in order!
  6. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    I'm so excited!!
  7. by   mommyo5
    Hello everyone,
    I am wondering if anyone else received their acceptance packet for October day LPN program. Oddly, after receiving a letter a few weeks ago saying I would be considered for January, I received an acceptance packet in the mail today for the October program . I am so excited and if any current students have any advice for me to make things easier here is a penny for your thoughts ! I am so happy and excited but I know it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed!
  8. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Congratulations Mommyo5!!!! You will be fine. Get ready to do a lot of reading and studying. I am in my first qtr and so far so good. As long as you stay focused, you will do just fine I know you are excited, as I was in your shoes just a few months ago Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Also, this post has a lot of helpful information as well. It was started by one of my fellow qtr mates. Good luck to you!!
  9. by   mommyo5
    Thanks for the congrats first lady.
    Wow there sure is a lot to get done in the packet. I was lucky to have located my childhood shot records so I won't need quite as many shots. I was wondering if you got the optional hepatitis b vaccine. Hopefully there isn't too much more cost involved for that. I don't have insurance so I will be probably have everything I need done at the health Department. Also, did you do your cpr cert. at Galen. I will probably go this route but I was just wondering if this is what you did or if you have any other suggestions. It's always great to get advice from someone who's been there, done that! One last question and I promise to stop. I recently bought a pair of white Keds tennis shoes. They are completeley white accept a small amount of grey on the side of the shoe tread at the bottom. Do you think these will be acceptable. Thanks in advance for your answers and thanks again for the congrats!
  10. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    I was wondering if any students could tell me if they use a PDA or iPod Touch? I am thinking of buying one and I am undecided. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. by   1stLayDrn2b
    Mommyo5, I did not get the hep vaccine, but I am going to get it. I had my cpr cert already and the white shoes will be acceptable. It is a lot and I don't mind the questions because we had them too
  12. by   mommyo5
    Thanks for answering first lady. Unfortunateley, my CPR cert is expired so I will just take it at the school as the price is very reasonable. Thanks so much and I'm sure I will have more questions soon!:wink2:
  13. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    I have been accepted in the the night class for October! Woop! Woop!
    Of course, it is not as hard to get into as the day classes, but I am still excited!
    Now, there is so much to do!
    Does anyone use a PDA for clinicals? I am thinking about getting the iPod touch, but I wanted to see if anyone else does this as well first.
    Are there any night students on this forum? I am just wondering how the load is with work and all. I know the day school is much more intense, but I was hoping to find out how it is at night. Thanks!

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