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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   michelleb72
    As far as shot records I have them but they are ancient I am probably the oldest in this bunch at 36. I hope everything I need is on there. Didn't know anything about a titer test just another thing to figure out. Thanks The waiting game is killer ladies!!!! I got a call saying I was accepted but no acceptance packet yet. I left a msg at Galen on Monday but haven't heard back yet. I hate to pester them I know they are busy. I will call this afternoon again if I don't get it in the mail. We all need a drink!
  2. by   lil_meme19
    Hey Michelle, the titer test is to prove immunity to a vaccine that you have had in the past. For example if I can't get a hold of my vaccine records then I will have to have a titer test to prove that I am immune to the MMR and Chicken Pox. Since the vaccine was not around when we were kids, we will have to either get a titer test to prove we have had chicken pox or show documentation from our physican that we had chicken pox (month and year) from our medical records.
  3. by   michelleb72
    Thanks for the info kaylee. I will most likely have to have the titer done. I know I had chicken pox as a kid but can you imagine trying to get medical records from 1977.
  4. by   michelleb72
    Hey everyone I just talked to an assitant registrar at Galen she said that she had alot of accpetance packets being mailed out this afternoon for all of us that are still waiting!I am attending nights but I don't think that makes a difference.
  5. by   lasdrs07
    Michelleb72, that is great news!! Hopefully our packets are in the ones being mailed out today! I agree, we all do need a drink...haha! *wine
  6. by   michelleb72
    Hey everyone been checking out places that we could get our textbooks cheap. Every penny helps! This site seems very reasonable. I called and talked to them and she said if there is a book that we need that isn't listed on the site to call her and she can get it. I haven't ordered anything from them before so keep that in mind.
  7. by   Lpntxn1
    Hi Everyone!!
    I got my acceptance letter today!!! I am sooooo happy!!
  8. by   michelleb72
    That is so cool too!!!! There is alot of info in there. I have filled out all of the financial aid paperwork so I can call on Tuesday and make my financial aid appt. Have you thought about how you are going to handle the physical and proof of immunization. I think I may just go to the little clinic in Kroger it will be faster than my doctors office I am sure. I think I will have to have the titer test done since my immunizations are so old. I have the MMR series but not the chicken pox. I had them but can't prove it. Are you attending the day or night classes at Galen?
  9. by   lasdrs07
    Congratulations acorne!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!! Well, I still haven't got my letter. I'm getting really frustrated about it! I don't know what is going on. I don't know why I haven't gotten it yet. Do you mind if I ask you what town you live in? Maybe that has something to do with it. I live in Bedford, IN. It's about an hour and a half away from Louisville. Maybe the mail takes longer to get to me than it does everyone else...haha!
  10. by   michelleb72
    Hey lasdrs, I got my acceptance packet today (saturday) but I live right here in Louisville about 15 minutes from Galen. I would think you will get yours on Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday). I hope you get it soon there is alot of stuff that has to be done before we start classes.
  11. by   Lpntxn1
    Hey Michelleb72,
    I will be attending days. What about u?
    I have all my old shot records. I think I am gonna go to my regular doctor for everything else.
    Unless it takes too long to get in. Usually I can get a next day apt.
    Lasdrs07, I bet you will get your packet on Tuesday cuz u r outta state. Hang in there girl!!
  12. by   slmcdo05
    Hi everyone! I was just searching for posts and blogs about Galen and I ran across this one. First of all, let me tell you all NOT TO WORRY! As long as you got at least the minimum score on the test you are fine. I have bee going through this process for a while now and it's all just a matter of timing. My husband and I took the CPAT test way back in February and we were told that there were plenty of spots for the April Day class( which is what we wanted). Then when we went in to take the test, the lady giving the test told us that the day class was already on a waitlist! We were offered part-time nights in April, but we wanted full-time days. So we decided to wait for the coming July day class. We were in one of the first groups of acceptance letters to go out and we did not receive our letters until May 8th or 9th. I talked to someone at the school and they said that just accept people in order of when they applied and tested; as long as they passed the test. So it's not like a group of faculty members are sitting around deciding who is smarter or better or anything. Everyone is given the same opportunity; it is just all about timing. I hope that everyone here makes it in this time around, but if not, DON'T WORRY! As long as you passed the test, you will get into the next class. I know waiting stinks though, we were very disappointed that we had to wait until July; we were really looking forward to getting started!

    When we took the test back in February, there was already a waiting list for the April day class. So that means that they have to get all of the people from April's waiting list, plus as many of the new applicants as they have room for. For those people worried that their test score is low; my husband has been out of school for 23 years and he just scored about the minimum passing score. He got in with no problem; we just had to wait our turn.

    I hope that everyone will post and let the rest of us know if they got in this time or not!

    Good luck all!
  13. by   slmcdo05
    We just had our financial aid appointment and I was really nervous about it! I was worried that we would owe too much to be able to go to Galen. I was very lucky! After pell grants and student loans, I don't have to pay anything. My husband has to pay about $1400 in July, but that's not too bad. If you have a low income like us, you'll be fine. I got $5200 in pell grants and $10500 in student loans. If you end up owing, they have a payment plan that is based on credit. They also have a payment plan through galen, but it is done quarterly. For example, the $1400 that my husband owes for the 1st quarter, is due before the first quarter. You can't make smaller payments on it during school; it has to be paid first. I was hoping that you could pay them monthly. If you have good credit, you can pay monthly! Hope this answers your questions.

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