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  1. is there any of you out there?
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  3. by   ekuRNstudent09
    Just graduated from the ADN program on December 19, 2009!!!
  4. by   sophie<3
    congrats! i don't think there is anyone else from eku on this site!
  5. by   Johnny B
    Hey, I'm in my second semester at EKU and I'm planning on getting my BSN. I don't enter into my clinicals until next year but I'm already excited. Are you in the clinicals yet, how are they?
  6. by   GuitarNurse1981
    EKU BSN nursing student here! Currently in my junior year, doing clinicals at St. Joe East. I know how it was when I was trying to get info, so if any of the EKU nurses have questions about the BSN program I will be happy to answer them!
  7. by   Johnny B
    Hey, any advice you could give about the clinicals for the BSN program would be really helpful to me. I won't start clinicals until next year but I'm very excited about it all. What are clinicals like, what do you do, how many days a week do you do them, how long do you spend doing them each day, what jobs are you actually doing? I have a ton of questions so anything information would be really helpful, thanks
  8. by   sophie<3
    hey! im in my first semester of the ADN program and will have my first clinical on wednesday! im so nervous! i will let you know what all i did on my first day (adn and bsn can't be too much differnet, right?) but right now my clincals are only 1 day a week and we have 1 patient to care for..then next semester they will be 2 days a week with 2 patients. i know bsn is a little different in that aspect. i will tell you that nursing in general is difficult..expect a lot of studying! but in the end it will be worth it!

    also, for bsn..just from what i have heard, make sure you have a good gpa going in..there are a lot who apply and it is competitive!
  9. by   Johnny B
    I definetly understand being excited about going into your clinicals, mine are still a year away and I'm already anxious. Thanks for the information, It's really helpful. If anyone else can answer any more questions about BSN clinicals that would be greatly appreciate. Thanks
  10. by   GCTMT
    Anybody doing the accelerated second degree program? How is it? Tough to get into?
  11. by   LuckyinKY
    I am applying to EKU as a backup for my first choice, BCTC. I already have a BS in animal science and all of pre-reqs done. Can you apply to both the accelerated BSN and ADN program? The BCTC ADN program is my first choice since I live here in Lexington and work at the VA across from BCTC.

    How do the programs compare?
  12. by   sophie<3
    you can apply to as many programs as you want, or at least that is the impression i was given. i applied to both BSN and ADN programs at EKU and was not accepted into BSN so i took the ADN route. i have heard ABSN is very selective..i also heard that they have not accepted anyone into the program who had less than a 3.8 gpa in their former degree (not to scare you off!) I also know the adn program does their acceptance through a point system and if the cut off is usually around a 60 or so and if you have a former degree in anything you automatically get 20 points..and if you have a 20 or higher on the ACT that's another 10 points.
  13. by   LuckyinKY
    Yeah their point system is why I am applying there as a backup. I had a good SAT score and the pre-reqs done, so I should be ok. I love how quick the ABSN program is but my GPA is sad. I screwed up early in my college career and failed an entire semester which tanked my GPA. My grades have been good since then but my GPA never recovered. I am at BCTC now retaking pre-reqs and the CNA class required for their program.
  14. by   ekuabsn
    i'm applying too!! have you heard anything yet??

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