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  1. Is Nursing right for me?

    :) Thanks Fiona.
  2. Is Nursing right for me?

    Thanks Guys. Moog, I enjoyed reading your comments. I think you really hit the nail on the head regarding LTC's being little dictatorships. Our DON doesn't care, he says he does but many CNA's have gone to him with suggestions & concerns and no...
  3. Is Nursing right for me?

    I'm currently a CNA in a nursing home and an RN student. And I really hate my job. Management never staffs enough people, all my patients will stay there, get worse and eventually die and the job is monotonous. I feel like I work at a factory with an...
  4. Just because you are a nurse...

    So far, 81 house members have signed a letter urging the Senate to use reconcilliation to get this thing done. Here's hoping they exercise some courage.
  5. Is healthcare a right or privilege?

    I agree Tewdles. I think the system needs reform. This arguing over whether it is a right or a privilege is really irrelevant Reality is, currently health care is a commodity, just another product on the market. I've no respect for the opinion that ...
  6. I think you make an excellent point. It would be very difficult to regulate and I think the initial start up costs would send the state over the edge. Eventually though it would save the state a lot of money (if it's regulated properly). Also, undoub...
  7. Well, here's hoping the Gov. does the right thing. I'm just not as optimistic as some of you.
  8. They've done this before but Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed it.
  9. eku nursing

    Anybody doing the accelerated second degree program? How is it? Tough to get into?
  10. OBLC March/ I got my orders!!!!!!!

    Congratulations. :)
  11. Is it too early to start the process?

    Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I've read a lot on this forum to "get it in writing". Of the info. provided about my experience with the recruiter, what would you get in writing if you were me? Does that me it just needs to be written into my contract?
  12. Is it too early to start the process?

    Thanks for both of your replies. I spoke to an AMEDD recruiter the other day and she told me I basically have two options. 1) I can join the reserves as a 70B Health Services Administrator (Officer). After one year of good grades in nursing school,...
  13. In the spring of 2011, I will have all my prereqs finished. From there I plan to pursue a BSN via the second degree option. Will the Army pay for my education through the Army Nurse Candidate Program? Is that a hard program to qualify for? Is it true...
  14. Nursing in the Military

    Of course there are many avenues a nurse could take just for the money, but I feel the military is something special. Thanks for your opinion.
  15. Just because you are a nurse...

    Reid has already ruled out budget reconciliation, or has he changed his mind?