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  1. ekuRNstudent09

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    PVT worked for me!!! Took the test at 0800 on friday... got the "good" popup friday evening... found out this morning via quick results that I passed!!!!! What a huge relief!!
  2. ekuRNstudent09

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I took mine on Friday as well... It wont let me get to the payment page... mine cut off at 75 and I took the test in TN.... I got the "good" pop up yesterday at about 5pm...
  3. ekuRNstudent09

    eku nursing

    Just graduated from the ADN program on December 19, 2009!!!
  4. ekuRNstudent09

    Hesi Exam

    It was $300... totally worth it!!! I used my notes from it to study for my final today as well... Like I said before do it fairly close to when you take your test... I started working on it about a month or so before HESI.. It has over 20 hours of lectures so give yourself time to get through them all!!!
  5. ekuRNstudent09

    Hesi Exam

    Wow... So I took my HESI today... and........... I PASSED !!!! The first try I made an 808 and this time I made a 1021. I had V-2 of the test..... The first time I took hesi I ready the HESI book from cover to cover.... that didn't work for me.. This time I did the Hurst review online.. and let me tell you I think it did WONDERS for my hesi score... and I also did 100 Nclex questions 5X a week for 6 weeks... another factor that helped me pass this time is I TOOK MY TIME..... I flew through it the first time.. This time I pulled my computer screen closer to me.. and took a sheet of paper and covered up the question.. read one line at a time... I have a hard time focusing on computer tests so this helped to bring the focus in!!! GOod luck everyone!!!
  6. ekuRNstudent09

    Hesi Exam

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I just went to my last class before graduation! and passed my last regular exam!! just have hesi and a final to go!! Its almost over.. Im trying to stay positive about the HESI... I've done the work.. I've made the grades....I just need to calm down and think things through on the exam! Still nervous though!!! !!!
  7. ekuRNstudent09

    Hesi Exam

    I take the hesi for the second time in 2 days!!! The first try I got an 808... needed an 850 to pass I just finished the hurst review coarse online.... Pray for me!!
  8. ekuRNstudent09

    The End is Here

    Right there with you all!! My pinning is Dec 19th!! but one big bummer between then..... HESI !! on friday the 11th!! wish me LUCK!!! Congrats all :)
  9. ekuRNstudent09

    St. Joseph-London

    I am getting ready to graduate in december! So obviously I've been looking at the job market for quite some time now. Does anyone know how much a new grad starts in St. Joseph-London? I am trying to decide whether to stay in the Lexington area or head back towards home! Also, I have been told that the new hospital is substantially bigger.. Which in my mind would mean they will be hiring several people. Any thoughts or inside info?
  10. ekuRNstudent09

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I also applied for the program!! Good luck to everyone!!
  11. ekuRNstudent09

    KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from.

    Hi all!! Im originally from Manchester, living in Richmond!! Currently in my 3rd semester at EKU in the ADN program!! Over half-way there and starting to see a light at the end of the longggg tunnel!
  12. ekuRNstudent09

    Admission to EKU's Programs

    If you have that many points why not go ahead and apply? I took micro and Physiology in the summer over a 4 week period!! you don't have to have micro finished until the 3rd semester.. so you could even that next summer if you needed to! With that amt of pts you would have no trouble getting in!
  13. ekuRNstudent09

    eku nursing

    Congrats on getting accepted! I just finished up my 2nd semester in the ADN program! The program can be tough at times!!! But, the instructors are very helpful! Do the reading assignments!! Especially in OB!! Don't put things off until the last minute!! I heard that the level 1 class that began this fall began as 80+ students and now the numbers are somewhere in the 40's.. However, my class began with somewhere around 105... At the end of the 2nd semester on the attendance sheet there were about 85 of us left.. Not sure what happened to level 1 this year! Do your assignments and you will be fine!!