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9 hours ago, KyBeagle said:

Yikes! No, I haven’t been selected on Sat/Sun in the past. Not that it would be a problem as far as my UDS results would go. However, I do work some weekends & have a tendency not to set my alarm as early as I do during the week. In fact, testing on the weekend that I work would be a disaster. I don’t have any open weekend testing sites in my county.  Just traveling to an out-of-county testing site would cut AT LEAST 2 hours out of my work day- probably more with counting the time with waiting to test. 

Hmmm... I’m glad to know this. I know it’s always been a possibility (but assumed it was rare).  However, you’re the first person in KY that I’ve heard this happening to. I’ll definitely need to work on a contingency plan!

I’m almost at the end of my contract (Oct 21). Once difference I’ve noticed is the frequency. In the beginning I was tested 2X/month- then 1-2X/month. However, I recently had a run of selections & was chosen 3X/month. That was new. I had 5 tests in 6 weeks. Everything resulted as normal. I assumed that it had something to do with increasing frequency at the end of my contract but maybe Affinity is changing up their frequency/day of the week schedule. 

Thanks for the update, and congrats on your upcoming graduation! I was floored by my first weekend selection, as it made my working schedule and finding a site difficult. Now I’m just expecting it til I finish. The only thing I can gather is that maybe it’s because any missed check ins I’ve had over the years were on Saturday or Sunday. And yes, always have a plan in place just in case, because it definitely can happen. Best wishes to all 😊

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