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You are reading page 14 of KBCC Spring 2021 KINGSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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Hi @Ness320 Sci 2500 was offered online due to Covid 19.

Normally its and in person class and it is offered in the evening. 



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@Love2liv Congratulations!

Do we need to purchase the textbook for SCi25 with jay?

Hey @Ness320, check this post for questions about SCI25. I had a lot of questions also, and there was a lot of advice.



@Love2liv Thank you so much for responding! I hope it stays that way at least for now - fingers crossed* 

@Ana2021 hey thanks! Yes I did I found it so helpful! Did you receive a syllabus or any notes from anyone that has responded here that you wouldn’t mind sharing ? 


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@Ness320I don't have a syllabus or notes. But I started making my own notes. I am watching prof jay videos on Youtube. 


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Hello all! Congratulations to those who were accepted into the fall semester for nursing, I am repeating the fundamentals course for the fall for advice, info and studying

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@Ness320 When I took it in the Spring it was offered remotely, and from what I heard it’s the same in the fall. I suggest taking section 5 of that class as the professor is really good at breaking the subject down. Start a study group I found the one I was in to be extremely helpful. Best of luck!