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I took my Kaplan today and yes the questions are the same every time I finished with a 78 over all. Not good. I'm AM an English and NOT a math brain.. with that being said, the math was all fractions and decimals with a smattering of conversation and ratio problems. I ended up with an 89 in math and a dang 67 in writing!! The the heck?!

The writing was extremely aggravating! Monotonous would be an understatement. This section is where I did the worst on and lost most of my points. I let it get the best of me and started getting careless. I'm taking it once more to fix that for sure.

Here's my advise to you guys tho. There is SO much to study "help" out there like Quizlet and places like that meant to help with the 20 science questions. I just sat here and did a search on the Kaplan Entrance Exam. Holy Cow!!! there is wayyyyy too much stuff on quizlet that's never mentioned at all on the test. Actually I didn't see one single thing just now and I pulled up ton of so called "study " material. Makes me wonder where the heck they get this atuff? Personally, I took my 3 bios almost 5 years ago and have recently spent several weeks going through my own notes quickly. I also spent quite a bit of time on the internet searching out Kaplan science questions. You should do this! There's some significant info out there but you have to look. Out of the 20, I got 15 correct. I can say there is really no rhyme or reason to them.

For the reading section, I took the advise of the good people on All Nurses and read the questions BEFORE the passage, excellent advise as they point to most of the paragraphs by number to find the answers.

So there is no chemistry, I don't remember anything on cells with the exception of neurons. There was no reproductive, no integumentary, muscles, skeletal questions. There was one on asthma, symptoms of gout, blood flow through the heart, know what major parts of the brain are responsible for (very basic). Do most certainly brush up on decimals and fractions. Very basic punctuation (it's, its) stuff like that. Over all this test blows the ACT and both TEAS 5&6 out if the water for being easier, no comparison!!

ps!! Look up percent of change. Not many word problems in math but know how to calculate % of change.

Good luck everyone :)


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can anyone who passed the science section share how they studied for it?


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Yes any sample questions would help tremendously! I have the kaplan book and it is no help at all.

Specializes in ICU.

I recently took the Kaplan entrance exam and scored a 95% on the science section. I just wanted to share how I studied for the exam because I've seen a few people asking about this section. All of the questions are going to cover systems from A&P. Make sure you spend extra time studying the respiratory, neuro, cardio, immune systems because a good chunk of the questions will cover these areas.

  • Khan Academy is also really helpful. They've got really informative videos specific to every system, and the instructor explains everything clearly and concisely. Take notes from the videos and make more flashcards.
  • Crash Course makes fun and informative A&P videos
  • If your A&P instructor used powerpoint slides, review them.
  • Answer the questions at the end of the chapters in your A&P textbook.
  • Review study sets on Quizlet
  • A&P for Dummies is good for a brief overview - check your local library before spending money.
  • There's a ton of info scattered throughout All Nurses as well
  • Check out this blog - What to Know: Taking the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam (2016)
  • And this one - Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam (2011)
  • YouTube Kaplan Vlogs have some useful tips as well
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Give yourself plenty of study time before the exam.

Good Luck!

P.S. The writing section was the most difficult, imo. I found The Princeton Review ACT writing study guide to be very helpful with this section as well as the reading section.


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Can anyone tell me how much algebra you need to know for the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam?What type of word problems can I expect? How basic is the math? What type of conversions: decimal to fraction type stuff or metric conversions?Can you go back on answers if you have time left over? What is the best way to study for the writing section that people say is the hardest?Any help you can give would be great! Thanks in advance.


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Any advice on the writing part other than the GED book? Was there any algebra or metric conversions? Thanks!


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Math was VERY easy.. it is just decimals, fractions, and ratios and prealgebra. They give you a calculator too. I made a 100 in math, so that says how easy it is haha. As for writing, it was my lowest score (62%) so be sure to know punctuation, order of paragraph and most grammar related things. Please study for this one.


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Thanks so much for your help/ How much pre-algebra? Also, do I need to remember household conversions? Any dosage calculations? Are the word problems hard? As far as the writing what do you recommend to prepare? Just study grammar and punctuation? SO know rules like when to use whom or who, an or a, past perfect verbs, colon, or semicolon etc?? Is reading very straight forward and easy? Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!


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VERY basic prealgebra like 5+ X = -60.. and not very many. There's simple dosage calculations but also not many. Everything was really easy.. if u had college alg it's wayy easier than that class.

For writing I recommend studying from the ACT/SAT study books. It's identical to the ACT. And yes, it is just punctuation, spelling and grammar


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One thing I forgot to mention for writing it'll ask questions like:

What word should be ommited?

What is th best sentence order for this paragraph?

Where should this extra sentence be added?

Should this be added? And it'll say yes or no because ____


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Thank you so much for all the information and for your help! Anything that I need to memorize for dosage calcs? Thanks, I will study an SAT guide!!! Are there word problems like this? 5. A child is given an allowance of $1.25 per day for chores. The parent says they will increase the

allowance by 75 cents per day after a month. What is the percent increase the child receives?

If you think of any other advice let me know. Thank you thank you!

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