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Anyone who has taken the kaplans test multiple times: were the questions the exact same every time or do they have different tests? I've taken it twice in the same year and it's so far been the exact same, but I'm wondering if maybe the kaplans update it once every year or few years?


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As of now it's the same.I took it a total of 3 times in 2 years. My advice would be hurry up and get an acceptable score.


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How many hours would you say you should study for this exam? I just got the Kaplan book 7th edition but I am seeing comments that the book is useless compared to the exam

What did you use to study the Math portion and the writing?


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Wow. My school only required us to take the reading and math portions of the Kaplan. The math was ridiculously easy and there was no complex algebra or geometry like there is in the practice book.


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Did you get in?


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I just took the Kaplan Nursing entrance test for the second time today. I passed all the subjects except for the science. Its very frustrating because I mainly studied the science portion and still missed it by one question for a passing score. Do not use the Kaplan book for the science portion because it is useless. Your best bet is to review what people have put on here and I found some videos on Youtube called crash course. It is a very good resource to refresh your memory on the science part of A&P. I consider myself pretty smart when it comes to school but I do not know what it is about this science portion that keeps messing me up. I remember it asked about the "what increases you basic metabolism?" I think some options were lack of sleep, stress, starvation and I forgot the last one. It also asked about what lobe of the brain was responsible for thoughts. I picked frontal lobe. I am not sure if that was right or not. I am trying to get into Cumberland University here in Tennessee. After the test I explained to one of the ladies my situation and they said I should still apply. I dont know if I will get in because of the science portion of the test. Other than that my GPA is pretty good and I have ten years worth of medical experience as a medical assistant so hopefully they take that into account. Any suggestions for retaking this test for the science portion and maybe other schools to look into? Thanks!


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Its the same test every year. Same queations. If you can remember them or about what was asked you can study based off that


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do you know of anyone who has more questions asked in the science and math


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There is more math questions than science questions.


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Can you post an example of a percentage question. Also was there a lot of vocal in the writing?

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