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Hello everyone!

I just took the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam! I just wanted to post a review since there is really nothing out there about it.

The reading is simply, reading. The page splits into two sections, so on the left side you have the actual reading and the right side are the questions.

The math can vary.. I only had fractions/decimals/word/proportions. It was extremely easy- unless math is hard for you. I would recommend brushing up on fractions & percentages.

The science..... study everything about each system! I really had a question about EVERY topic listed in the book that it says the test is on (e.g.: electrolytes, renal/digestive (etc) systems.. neurology..) all of them!

The writing is a pain, I am actually a good essay writer (or so I think). There are questions about which sentence should be omitted, which sentence has a grammar error, punctuation errors.. There are also questions about where another paragraph should be inserted.

The science was the most difficult part for me, there is so much to study for only 20 quick questions. There are a million things to know about the digestive system, but one question..

Examples of questions I had:

Which system controls metabolism?

How does blood flow through the heart? (through which ventricle first/last)

If a nurse is examining someone with gout, what should the person's foot look like?

I had questions about how air travels through the lungs, as well & homeostasis questions.

You do have a basic calculator you can use (which can do everything you need it to do).

You get your results after the exam is finished & I was able to print mine off. I started at 12:30 PM and finished at 2:30 PM. I did not take any breaks as it was easier to just keep going, neither did anyone in my group. But, I've heard some people recommend breaks (especially if you have test anxiety)

Good luck!!

Are there any like this?The physician orders codeine 60 mg and aspirin X grains. Each codeine tablet contains 15

mg of codeine. Each aspirin tablet contains 325 mg of aspirin. Which of the following should

the nurse administer? (Round the number up to the nearest whole number)

Did my Kaplan today. Know fractions to decimal to percentage conversions. The math word problems are pretty easy, just do a couple so you know how to set it up and not get wrapped up in extra info you don't need. I got an 89% on math. 95% on reading. Pay attention to what the questions are asking you. You don't have to read though all the passages as a whole. I read the question first then would look at the paragraph or sentence the question asked about. The science was kind of tough. I'm in A&P II and patho right now, so I feel some of it I haven't learned yet-65%. Know the flow of blood through the heart and lungs, electrolytes, homeostasis, normal heart rhythms. Writing was and is my worst- 52%. Not much I can tell you here. Know correct placement of commas, apostrophes, subject-verb agreement. I studied here and there a month ago. Then powered through on A&P cliff notes, crash course, and khan academy videos all day yesterday.

Hello. How did you study for the science portion? I will be taking it in two weeks and I'm so nervous about the science!!!

I'm taking it in 2 weeks also and freaking out!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on books to study or where to find practice questions?

iam really struggling wth maths.is there any examples

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