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SoyKayDub is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Banner New Nurse Experience

    I start on July 27th. I'm excited to get out into the working world. Thanks for the encouragement! I start July 27th. Just passed the NCLEX this week. Which unit are you going into? I'll be in the ICU at South Campus. I was also in the preceptorshi...
  2. AZ New Grad NCLEX delays?

    Hi everyone! I'm a new grad in AZ, and I was wondering if anyone else testing in Arizona has experienced significant delays when it comes to scheduling the NCLEX exam? If you graduated recently and have scheduled or taken the NCLEX, please share your...
  3. Smartwatches

    Hi everyone! I'm curious if anyone here uses a smartwatch to help stay organized at work? If you do, which one do you prefer? How do you use it to optimize your time? What features do you like/dislike? I'm considering getting one so I can set timers ...
  4. Banner New Nurse Experience

    Hello all! I just accepted a new grad position at one of the Banner facilities in Tucson. I was curious if anyone has been through the new grad experience recently, and if you would mind sharing your experience. Are there simulations? How was your pr...
  5. Banner Preceptorship Program

    Good luck! I have a phone interview later this week. If you don't mind coming back and sharing your experience after your interview, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Banner Preceptorship Program

    Congrats on your first choice. That's awesome! Thank you, I'm going to prep for my interview this weekend.
  7. Banner Preceptorship Program

    Awesome! I have a phone interview scheduled next week, fingers crossed. Which unit did you get?
  8. Banner Preceptorship Program

    Has anyone applied to the Banner preceptorship program for their final semester of school? If so, please share your experience. How long did it take to hear from a recruiter after submitting the application? What was the interview like? How did you p...
  9. Recording Lectures?

    I record all of my lectures and listen to them while I'm studying at home, in the car, walking the dog, etc. My classes are typically four hours long, so I record the lectures in chunks, typically by chapter. As the professor pulls up the powerpoint ...
  10. NAU BSN spring 2018

    @Congratulations, jmtravers3! I sent you a PM with my info. :)
  11. NAU BSN spring 2018

    @rilslay, that's right.
  12. NAU BSN spring 2018

    @miam0, my fingers are crossed for you too!
  13. NAU BSN spring 2018

    @jmtravers3, keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)
  14. NAU BSN spring 2018

    Hey guys! I was accepted to the Tucson program! :)
  15. NAU BSN spring 2018

    @sabbysabby & @rilslay, congrats to you both! Eeeek, I'm so nervous. @jmtravers3, I'll comment on here the moment I hear anything about Tucson. I'm checking every time my phone alerts me to new emails, hehehe.