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i don't know if it's just me noticing, but i think kaplan can sometimes make you feel down about the percentage you get although we all know their questions are extra hard. apparently even if you know the topic they just put a bunch of "coma-comas" in one answer choice. sometimes i even find myself scared to take their practice tests because whenever i take exam cram or nclex 4000, i'm always on high 60's. but then comes Kaplan tests, giving me headaches afterward, and i haven't even made it on the 60% up.

Kaplan is helping me a lot but i think their questions are beyond critical thinking.anybody feel the same way? and last question, has anyone noticed if their qbanks keep getting harder each time? i honestly started out well, but now i keep getting low 40's. has anyone gotten these scores (out of 50 items) and passed? i will be taking the big test in a few days and these percentages are scaring the hell out of me.

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I actually found Kaplan to be harder than NCLEX. I will say I averaged about 57% overall on the Qbank and my Qbank test (50 items each, timed and unused content) ranged from 34%-74%. I constantly averaged about 62% on the Qbank questions. When I did the QTrainers, I got 55% on 4 of them 59% on one of them, 62% on QTrainer 6 and 50% on QTrainer 7, which is what I focused on because those are comparable to NCLEX. I called the Kaplan rep when I got 50% on QTrainer 7 and asked if I should reschedule my test date and he said no, since I got 62% on QTrainer 6. I went ahead and took NCLEX and passed with 75 questions.

I know several people who took NCLEX and didnt get above 55% on Kaplan and passed with 75 questions, no less. And the ones who didnt get 75 questions, still PASSED after taking Kaplan.


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I think Kaplan is a pretty good indicator of how you will do. Kaplan works you HARD to be prepared. I got a 62 on trianer 7. My average overall on all the trainers was 62 percent.

In the book, Kaplan says you should aim for over 60 percent on your tests to be safe. I have heard some people pass in the 50's, but I would try and shoot for the low 60's at least. That is a pretty safe bet. By the way... I passed my boards. GOOD LUCK!! :up:


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When i took kaplan i got 59% & 61% on Q.Trainers 6 & 7 but failed..:cry: Maybe i wasn't lucky enough..SO i believe God will give it to me at the right time and it will be on my 2nd take.



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RN in making-- you were close with the scores. I am sorry to hear you failed. Did you read all the rationales?? I read them all. I also did most of the QBANK and I did Hurst as well.

I wish you the best of luck next time around. :up:


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RN in making-- you were close with the scores. I am sorry to hear you failed. Did you read all the rationales?? I read them all. I also did most of the QBANK and I did Hurst as well.

I wish you the best of luck next time around. :up:

Thanks Epona.. I think i was nervous during the exam. i had 86 questions and 10 SATA.Mostly infection control. I've never heard 75% of the meds.

I read all the rationales in q bank and trainers. my kaplan lapsed already. Now I'm done with saunders cd,& exam cram. I have kaplan question trainer cd and i'll take the trainers 3 weeks before the dooms day. I'll start to read the delegation & priority of La Charity by tomorrow. I'm scared,really scared! I don't know if i have enough knowledge to face the exam. Sometimes when i am reviewing some infos don't stay longer.

I'm also worried that if i have no clue with the question,i'll panic.

Any tips or advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

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The one thing most people don't think about when taking the NCLEX is that the test is a CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) which markedly differ from a regular test. The computer will design the test as it goes, this in my opinion can alter the expected results: I was told the computer test you in the areas you are weak. What it the effect of that? Well think about it...If you are good in a particular area and you are hoping to sum up some points if you run into these areas you are out of luck. We have to think differently about this test.


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You are welcome. Correct. You NEVER KNOW what you are going to get on that test. I studied everything I could think of and when I took NCLEX there was very little on the test that I seemed to know. So I used my ABC's and Kaplan's strategies and so forth. I just tried to critically think "OK... what would I as a nurse do here???" Most of the NCLEX questions were tricky and sometimes a few of them still pop up in my head.

There is no way you are going to know it all. Hurst gives a great simple overview of content and Kaplan is good at breaking down the questions.

If all else fails, use your critical thinking skills, remember Maslow, ABC's and Kaplan strategies.



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thanks guys. i was just really worried because like i mentioned, i haven't made it to the 60% mark.


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NCLEX also wants you to work harder..that's why their scores presenting to you are way beyond what exam wants from you. That makes sense-if we would be happy with 50 percent on Kaplan we would not work hard anymore before the big day.


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You know, I think Kaplan does that on purpose...There questions are hard, and the NCLEX is hard...So by the Kaplan having such hard questions, when you have them on the actual NCLEX they don't freak you out as much and you try to work through them the same way you did when you studied...I was by no means great on Kaplan, I ranged from 50-66% on question trainers 1-5, then I got a 71 on question trainer 6, and a 64 on qt 7.....I normally scored in the 60's on the qbank towards the end of my studying, a few better a few worse...I completed all of the questions available, plus went back and did all the ones i got wrong the first time....On the NCLEX sample test for kaplan i got in the 70's on all 3....I think Kaplan really prepared me, cause I did not freak out during my test, and I actually came out pretty confident that I passed...>Good luck to you!!!


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Please do not be stressed with the score. I think that questions from Qbank are "desined" to be hard so real questions would be "easier". My friend always had 57-59% and she passes with 90 questions. I think that if you undestand rationale behind each question/situation you should be fine.

I can tell you from my experience (I took the test on 11th of July and passes with 75q) that I found NCLEX is less trickier then Kaplan questions (and I never tested higher then 65%). So again do not concentrate on the score but rather why particular choise is correct. And please read wrong choices too (I found it really helpfull).

Good luck on you test.

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