Is it true: required to be CNA before LPN or RN?

  1. I am from Texas, but I was born in Kansas...plan on moving back sometime after nursing school. I am going for my LVN/LPN in August. I am not required to become a CNA first here. But my friend said that she knew you had to become a CNA before you could become a nurse...just wondering if this is true for you guys in KS because that's where she is from.
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  3. by   NurseLil-lea
    I am from Missouri and I don't think that it is required to get your CNA for Missouri or Kansas before you can become a nurse. It is nice to have through because you can gain some experience and also see if this is the type of field you want to work in. When I was in Nursing School, alot of my nursing school buddies left their regular jobs or got a second job as a CNA so that they can better relate to the nursing field. Anyways, it helps!! Just my

  4. by   TheCommuter
    Obtaining a CNA certificate is not required before becoming an LPN or RN. I was never a CNA prior to becoming a nurse. It might be very helpful, but it is not necessary unless your school of nursing requires it.
  5. by   caliotter3
    This depends upon the requirements of the individual nursing program that you are applying to.
  6. by   OlatheJessica
    I'm willing to bet your friend is referring to requirements from a specific nursing program. I know that a lot of the community colleges require a CNA certificate prior to enrolling in the LPN/RN program, although I don't believe many of the BSN programs require it (though it is sometimes a bonus).

    Good luck on moving back, welcome!
  7. by   That Guy
    Where I went in KS it was required to have my CNA for my BSN
  8. by   heathert_kc
    I do not believe that it is an official requirement from the state but the vast majority of nursing schools require it as a prerequisites, at least all of the community colleges in the Kansas City area (Johnson County, KCK, Neosho) and even some of the more rural schools do as well (coffeyville, Labette, etc.) and now an increasing number of BSN programs I have heard. Those are just the one's I have either looked into, attended or know some who is there.

    Think they just do that because so many students come into nursing thinking that dirty tasks (bathing & toileting patients, etc) is beneath them, plus those basic tasks safe them time as they tend to be the what is taught in the first weeks of any lpn or rn program.
  9. by   kenyacka
    I'm planning to go to Metro Community College in KC (formerly Penn Valley.) It's not required to get your CNA, but you do get bonus points towards your application for the ADN program. It's so competitive that you need all the "extra credit" you can get. So, I'm taking a CNA course first. I also think it will help to have some experience. From what I've heard, pretty much the first semester of nursing school is the same as a CNA class. It never hurts to have a head start.
  10. by   MySonIsAdorable
    Thank you all so much (I've been sooo busy didn't check this till now) you guys are so great!