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  1. Semester Starts Monday...what Do I need

    I can't live without index cards. Hint: I cut them in half if it's just for vocabulary words or something. Then they last longer and take up less space in my purse. (I carry them with me everywhere so when I have extra time waiting at the doctor's of...
  2. Financial aid suspension

    Sorry, I just saw that you were approved. That's great! This will just be another bump in the road that you'll look back on at graduation and feel so proud of yourself for getting through. :)
  3. Financial aid suspension

    It's a case by case basis. I dropped too many classes 10 years ago (lol) and lost my financial aid and appealed, but was still denied... however... I dropped because I was stupid, not for a good reason. If it does get denied, you'll have to find a wa...
  4. 3 pre-reqs left and a dilemma

    Only you know what you can handle. I'm still in the early stages of my prereqs, and this semester, I am taking Anatomy with lab, Political Science, History, College 100 (silly required 1 hour course), and also a Math prep course through the library. ...
  5. Compass test

    I am taking a course through my library that's free. It's actually a GED study prep, but it teaches the same thing that the compass tests for. It's a 6 week course all online. You might could see if your library does that also? You can also call your...
  6. What is your job title (CNA, medical assistant, medication aide, HHA, PCT, PCA)? CNA Where are you located? Kansas City, MO What is your hourly wage? 11.17 Are you paid shift differentials? yes, night shift gets .85/hour and weekends get .95/hour Wha...
  7. Free time for night shifts for CNA and Nurse

    In a hospital you usually have a good one to two hours of downtime. As a cna I've worked all floors. Some nights of course are busier, but a lot of students work nights so they can study. (12 hour shifts)
  8. How long does it take to receive your CNA Certificate in the mail?

    Sorry, I didn't answer your question. Once I was in the system, I got the certificate about a week later. Ours were mailed to our school, then we picked them up there, so it may have gotten to me sooner, I don't know.
  9. How long does it take to receive your CNA Certificate in the mail?

    Once you're in the system, you're fine. The certificate is more of a souvenir in my state (Missouri).
  10. Forgot to wash hands when washing scrubs

    You will eventually have an amazing immune system. I wouldn't sweat it, just don't make it a habit!
  11. Advice about Clinical

    That comes with time! Im a cna and I used to get butterflies and be soft spoken every time I walked into a patient's room. Now it's second nature and I don't think twice. You'll overcome this!
  12. CNA rant....why did I become a CNA

    I work as a cna in a hospital right beside nurses. Trust me, you'll still be doing baths and cleaning poop as a nurse. Not as much, but you still do. You get yelled at more as a nurse because you control the meds. If you hate being a cna, you'll prob...
  13. Nursing student got CNA job!

    I'm so glad I decided to work as a cna. I've learned so much just by being in that environment. Offer to help the nurses with procedures as much as possible during downtime (which is rare lol) and ask questions. Sometimes just holding a scared patien...
  14. Wow I feel stupid!

    Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us. Did they check it off?
  15. Most of the nurses on my unit started as techs on my unit.