Just wanted to give a little bit of hope...


Just wanted to let the other new grads out there to keep positive and follow your gut instinct!!! I have been working as an LPN now since May 2009. Its been a roller coaster..I have had different jobs..one job, the experienced nurses took the newbies under their wings. Then there was job I had that I knew from day one to get out ASAP. Those nurses were so mean and rude. If something went wrong, they blamed it on the new nurses. They made impossible to get any kind of work done by not backing anyone up or leaving work unfinshed so that the next shift would have to pick it up. I looked for work for 3 months and nothing, then I went to work one day and found out I was fired...FIRED!! They wouldnt even tell me why..gave me a phone number to call the DON at home!! I just drove 45mins..IN THE SNOW!! Trust me, I counted to 100 before I called her ...I was accused of refusing to give a patient pain meds and not doing rounds with the techs on the NOC shift. ***** I asked when did this supposed took place and she said she couldnt tell me. Told me she would call me on Monday after she investigates. Well, my happy butt was in her office first thing Monday morning. The nite in questioned, I wasnt even there. The incident about the pt not getting pain meds wasnt me either. Turns out, another nurse and I have the same initials, so they just "assumed" it was me bc I was a new nurse and she wasnt. But she said they were firing me anyway. I asked why, she said she didnt have to give a reason bc it was under my 90 days ( by two days!!) but basically she didnt like me. I have never ever in my life been fired or treated that badly. But a week later, I read in the paper the place was shut down bc STATE was called by a family member after her mom was found with burns on her back and when the STATE came to investigate they apparently found a lot of red tags. Very happy I got fired!! LOL...

About 3weeks ago, I found my perfect job. I mean, I have plans for my RN, but not right away, I need to work and support my family..but even if for whatever reason I dont make it to my RN...I can totally see myself working at this nursing home as an LPN for the next 30yrs. I have never in my life worked at a place that made you feel so welcomed and wanted. If I have a question, I ask. If I need help with a patient, I got it. My point of this thread I guess is to give people hope who might be in the place I was a few months ago. I love my job. You will know your first day of orientation on the floor...its a gut feeling...whether or not that its your second home.

Hugs to all the newbies!!!


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Im glad you had a good outcome with a job you love.


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Good job! (No pun intended) :cool:

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Glad to hear you got out of that place. It's sad to think that places can be that bad, or treat people so poorly. Congrats on the new job. It's nice to hear of a good experience, and someone loving their job!

Yes, the 90 day window is not fair. But, it's worse if you live in a right-to-work state. They can fire you for no reason, anytime. For some reason, that gives employers too much power before you have had enough time to prove yourself.


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hurrays to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:


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Congrats on your new job. You deserve it. Its so nice to hear something positive


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Thanks for this post it's refreshing it's good to follow your instincts. There are good jobs and people out there and despite the economy sometimes it's good to venture than to endure in a job that takes away from you emotionally. I've learned that the hard way. Live and learn.

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Hugs to you too and congrats on your new job,blessedmomma247!! Been looking for a job as a GN but nothing yet, I'll be taking the NCLEX in 2 weeks and I hope the job hunt becomes more positive after I get my license. :nurse:

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Good on you!

I have been 'let go' from a job recently which I realised was not working out for me. I was also accused unfairly of things I said which I didn't and I told the manager that, but she wasn't listening. She just didn't want me on her books, because I would not work 24/7 and drop everything I was doing to rush into work. Told her upfront when I started but she did not listen. Many managers that sit behind desks trying to get staff to go to (sometimes crappy) shifts are like that - bitter, twisted, don't listen and are unreasonable. I have worked wit some fantastic nurse managers but some get too stressed, or too old and need to retire I think.

I'm glad you are happy, wish my life would get better soon....