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  1. dorisc1981

    Brain herniation and eye movement

    It's called Nystagmus.
  2. dorisc1981

    What is wrong with people ?

    reading your post enraged me. Some people think they help with crticism. I understand the "sympathy" he is trying to get you but is absurd to put anything personal on a resume. Take no help or advise from this so called help. When you time will be will be. Post your resume on job seeking sites and just wait. Like people said have a career center or a fellow nurse help you with your resume. All you need is for someone to forward it not change it. Here is a neutral nursing objective: To secure a position as a registered nurse in a dynamic and challenging acute care setting where I can continue to develop my skills in patient advocacy and collaborative practice.
  3. dorisc1981

    Should I start over...yet again?

    I applaud you for venting. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. It gets to you on a personal level. I get often that i should find a way to "disconnect", a job is just a job. I want to just clock in and out but no I dwell and sometimes that the dark work clouds home. I have become a shopaholic, spending like crazy since the rush felt good at the moment and then once again dwell on my retail damage. Very bad cycle nevertheless. You do wonder why are so many bitter, backbiting people make it through the doors as RN but it's life. We have to deal with the lemons this field throw at us because it's part of it. Just the other day I had an ultrasound done and was just looking at the tech's infectious smile and felt her good vibes. Her work envirorement wasn't as hecked as mine and secretly I envied her. Sometimes it's good just to change careers when the time is right. Follow your passion and not your wallet. I know the economy is bad but there is only one you. I just take it day by day. Count your blessings and just say to yourself it can be worse. Dust off your resume and start putting it out there. When you are at home you are "disconnected" .
  4. dorisc1981

    Stupidest comlaint of the night award...

    This made my day, how can they seriously complain about that with a straight face?. Gosh...
  5. dorisc1981

    TSA asks a 95 y/o women to remove brief

  6. dorisc1981

    Can you prick a diabetic too hard?

    .....and the Oscar goes to. My God I know it might sting or hurt a bit but this patient made it seen like you were butchering him. I will just let it go or if you see the patient again, "What did I do wrong?, so next time this won't happen again. You need to learn right. Some of these patients too sensitive.
  7. dorisc1981

    LVN at assisted living...new cna already badmouthing others

    Wow so the claws came out already. It depends on the relationship you have with your boss. I will say something since she is still on probation. Why hire someone that has show her true colors already. This is a tuff' one. Some bosses will love her because she is competetive and quick and some will not because of her toxic nature. Just warn your boss and keep the other CNS's on the lookout.
  8. dorisc1981

    Bronx Lebanon (Thanks in advance)!!!

    How are you liking Bronx Leb so far?
  9. Lol, don't feed the troll. Some people are here to get their frustations out targeting different posts. Please I completely understand what you are saying. How can some people be RN's when they cant even write a proper sentence. I feel the same way about people that you can't even understand. it all comes down for them on passing the requirements and they did some how. Don't let the accent fool you. they be pulling awesome grades on their exam. It's hard to explain. I know people that can't even email and are excellent nurses. I guess their work ethic is much stronger than some or they know somebody that knows somebody and boom! got the job. Either was what can we do. Some work for cheap, while we demand more.
  10. dorisc1981

    Gift for new L&D nurse?

    I love the www.redenvelop.com. They have little thank you trinkets that you can give her. The presentation here is key. Anything from little rocks, a a jewelry box- tiny of course.
  11. dorisc1981

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    I have been there and it has destroyed me completetly. Makes me want to hate the human race sometimes. As a fellow human being I will never throw someone under the bus. i really woouldn't care if the rumors are true or not about the other person. It is very sad but I guess it put us in check as to keep the job purely business the way it should be and carry anyfriendship away from hospital grounds. The rumors will continue but you are not fueling the fire. Gossip make other people strive. Only time helped me survive the nasty rumors about me. I was appalled by the people that I called my "co-" workers. No one approached me directly but I was just slandered. Same thing a friendship that people assumed it was an affair. I was known for that but my skills, work ethic, and my dedication was nothing anymore. I rather be known now like a antisocial person, rather than social butterfly. Could care less what they have to say. Just say to yourself that their opinions dont matter as long as your job is safe.
  12. dorisc1981

    so i called in sick today...

    That means that this supervisor is an immature, uneducated ***** to put it in the nicest form. Go back to school is what they have to do and learn some manners. People do get sick from time to time. Maybe she has had it and just took it out on you. Either way is uncalled for that kind of attitude. I tell you, no class. If I were you, I will call her out on it and ask " What exactly you meant by that", even though you might have an idea and see how she answers you. Provide documentation if you went to a doctor and if not take it as a sick or unpaid day. No need to lose a job over that. Been there with bosses that talk to me like I am their child. Angry fire lol. Take is easy and in stride.
  13. dorisc1981

    Ugh now what

    Thank God for a husband that supports your decision and for a shoulder to lean and cry on. Sometimes you have to make very erratic decisions to save yourself from a breakdown. When your soul and mind are clouded with negativity you don't think straight. Your rushed decision is understood. Just enjoy your baby more and become a frugalista until things new oportunities come through. Pick up a hobby or two and if possible volunteer. Don't let distance deter future job search and if asked why you left in such a rush come up with a good answer. Some places will understand. Once I had to do the same, going through one more migrane and stomach/chest pain routine wasnt worth it for me. I had nothing else lined up but did have enough saving that lasted six to seven months until I found another job. Took one doing medical assistant duties until nursing opened up. Just take it easy, a job is just a job not your life. May Gog bless you.
  14. dorisc1981

    Developing Robots for the ER: What Do You Think?

    will like that robots are not catty unless you program them that way
  15. dorisc1981

    To call or not to call....

    Maybe she is too busy to get back at you. Keeps saying next week and eventually will get around to it. I had a job that did that to me. I was anxy but I waited. I had asked before so I figured they got the message. I didn't want to look desperate. They called me 3 months after the fact. If they need/want you they will call you. Wait until she calls you. IMO.Good luck.
  16. dorisc1981

    bullying at work

    Wow, your sneakers cut. That is some resentment towards their part. Start looking for a job in the down low and document everything for your sake. I understant the harrasment. Remember a job is not worth anxiety. I hope God blesses you and gives you strenght. I deal every so often with bullying, at the end of the day I think they are immature, middle-schoolers trapped in a grown body. I count the days until I reach my goals. I keep saying to myself as well that is the way they are and they are unlikely to change, so I will eventually get out. I know higher ups are there to help but when you "rock the boat" things could get ugly. I have had several of my items missing every so often. I now bring nothing fancy to work and act as if they are not there. It's hard but I rather have good friends outside work rather than being around fake co-workers. Finish this year if you can tolerate it and leave ASAP. Good luck.

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