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just took nclex-rn and got the good pop up


Hi everyone!

I just want to share also my experience in reviewing and taking the NCLEX-RN. I've graduated nursing several years ago back in the Philippines then took and passed the NCLEX-PN exam 8 yrs ago. I've worked in LTC for about 4 yrs but I had to stop when I had my son who's now 4 yrs old. I just thought to challenge the NCLEX-RN also so I've submitted all the necessarry requirements to the CA BON and thank God I got eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.

I studied for almost 4 months for the test. I enrolled for the kaplan online review and did all the question trainers and qbank questions. I got 58% overall average on my qbank but felt so unsatisfied with it. I also used Davi's Q&A which I found it so very challenging but I just kept doing the questions not minding my low scores. I also did the exam master which anyone can have access to it for free. Somebody posted the link to it in one of the threads here. I did used Saunders 4th ed for my content review but i don't think it helped me that much. I think it helped me study content by doing a lot of practice questions with rationales. I'd also used La Charity 1st ed.

So finally I took my exam this morning and the computer stopped at 75Q. I thought my test wasn't really that hard but it wasn't easy too. I took my time time reading and answering each question. I had 1 audio question, 1 drug cal, 5+ SATAS, about 10 priority questions, 10+ meds, which I'm mostly familiar with and the rests are straight to the point questions. As far as I know, I made many guess answers and that made me so nervous about it. I was so nervous to try the PVT trick but I did it anyway after few hrs and praise God I got the good pop up. My anxiety level now has lessened since I'm positive I passed though it's still unofficial.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone here who've shared their experiences and tips in reviewing for the NCLEX. I personally found this site very encouraging in preparing for the exam. And to those who are preparing for the test, just keep practicing as many questions as you can. Have a basic knowledge of the different s/s of diseases, meds, infection control and practice answering priority questions and SATAS. Have faith in yourself and have faith in God. God bless...

congratulation :dancgrp:


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CONGRATULATIONS! Time to celebrate kabayan you deserve to pass!!

Good luck with your official results.

salamat kabayan! I truly believed that it's by God's grace that I passed the exam.


exactly how many question u did while preparing nclex-rn.


exactly how many question u did while preparing nclex-rn.

I did more or less ten thousand practice questions and rationales besides the kaplan QT's and Qbank questions.

thanks for the quick reply:up:




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