Just took my NCLEX this morning!


I took my NCLEX this morning at 8am. I finished in 75 questions at 9:01am. I had 17 SATA and while I wasn't really 100% sure of a lot of them I didn't find the questions got very hard.. I did the Pearson trick 3 hours after I got out and I got the "good" pop up. I'm still skeptical though. I thought it was going to be much harder. All I can think was it should have been harder ... so I mustn't have done well .. ugh.


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How well did you do in school? Does the school have a good NCLEX pass rate?

Stopping at 75 questions means that you did extremely well or extremely bad. It is highly unlikely that a graduate that did well in school would fail NCLEX so badly that it wouldn't allow them any more questions.


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My school has an 85% pass rate, last years class had a 100% pass rate. I did okay, an 85 average..

I think thats a good sign of pass....wouldnt mind if I ask if what kind of question you got? is it prioritization? delegation?or etc?thanks


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I got a couple delegation, but mostly prioritization, and "which response by the nurse is most appropriate..." & "which response by the patient indicates effective teaching"


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Hope you passed!! :)

I took mine June 7th, passed with 75 questions. Took me an hr. I also didn't think the test was that hard! I'm not sure if I was overly prepared or if I thought it was do-able because of how hard my nursing program made our lives. Anyway, I got my results today & I passed. The Pearson Vue trick is accurate. 10 of my classmates have tested since graduation this week alone & we all did the trick and it worked! Goodluck! I'm sure you passed!

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Congrats. I cried when the test shut off at 75 questions. I'm sure you passed, as I have not heard of PVT giving inaccurate results.

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My entire test I thought was way too easy. Then I had some diagnosis I had never even heard of and a million meds. No math, no lab values, no diagrams.... I was so worried I thought for sure I failed. I cried when my computer shut off at the minimum. I just got in my car and cried and stressed about for the next 4 weeks.

I got my little envelope in the mail and was freaking out "if the rumors are true I passed" I got in my apartment opened it and screamed I had passed.

Hope you did well :)


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Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts! I found out this morning that I passed!


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Congrats on passing! how did you prepare?


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I took my NCLEX-RN EXAM in jun/ 10/2017 for second time. After 85 Questins computer intrrupted me. I was concern to fail. After 5 days I saw my license number and issuance date in BON site in California. I would like to help you to pass. I got my BSN 15 years ago from another country. I studied SAUNDERS COMPREHENSIVE (PURPLE BOOK) and Q & A saunders ( GREEN BOOK), also LACHARITY ( priorization ,deligation,..) .Also I read strategies of nclex (KAPLAN).and I practiced MASTERY TEST on line 4 weaks before my exam.I studied 5 days in a week( 30 hours study in a week) for 3 months. I passed NCLEX .THE REFERENCES I MENTIONED ABOVE ARE THE BEST .