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Cactus Nurse specializes in TBI and SCI.

currently working in the sub-acute wing of my facility. Loving every day and every new thing I learn. Nurse for over a year. My last experience includes- LTC, Sub-Acute, rehab/detox, congregate living, and home health. I have just over a year experience and in that time I have had a wide variety of patients. i feel very lucky to have experienced so much in such a short amount of time. I've had patients with SCI, TBI, muscular disorders, dementia, vent experienced- even though my facility has RT, so I don't practice too often, vent- CPR (scariest moment of my life), PEG/GT, packing wounds, and some others. I've been exposed to a lot of meds I never even heard of in nursing school, patients on dialysis and what that entails. New ways of doing treatments and supplies for tx. I've learned so much in my year of working that I didn't get to see in nursing school and I'm so happy. Ive been fortunate to be exposed to new learning experiences. I'm working my dream job. Couldn't be happier 💜💜

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  1. Cactus Nurse

    Mispronunciations that drive you nuts

    So I pronounce metoprolol as "meta-PRO-lol".... it sounded right in the beginning. But then I heard it differently and to confirm I went to drugs.com and used the pronunciation button hahaha.
  2. Cactus Nurse

    Mispronunciations that drive you nuts

    lol my RT said nurses I work with say "stats are fine"? What? Statistics? Math? Lol
  3. Cactus Nurse

    Anxiety remedies?

    I'm interested in kava about anxiety not for sleep. Today was my first time trying it so I wanted to take it while I was at home. My anxiety is not sleep related
  4. Cactus Nurse

    Anxiety remedies?

    Without going into detail (cause in trying to go to sleep lol)... I get horrible anxiety at work before end of shift. I finally bought lava root to try it out... just took 20 drops now to see if it would help relax me before bed... has anyone tried kava or know anyone who has? I read about it in school when I was prepping for NCLEX because I was FREAKING out. Ended doing fine, but still lol. I think late today when I wake up, im going to make a apptsirh my doctor and anxiety and depression. (Crappy personally life at the moment).... Anywho- kava??? Thanks in advanced :)
  5. Cactus Nurse

    New LPN; worried about my lack of clinical experience

    After school, I became a caregiver part time to get exposure. That kinda helped, it just allowed me to see meds, do some pt education, see how the elderly people actually are, hoe much care they needed... You honestly just need to get thrown in there and your instincts will take over. You will remember things you read about and then learn how to apply them.... You Tube is a new nurses best friend... If you don't feel confident about something look it up, read your books, go on pinterest and look at those cartoon images, those help, silly, but they give a good general idea of things. We were all scared in the beginning, no one is naturally a good nurse, it comes with experience... Employers know you don't know everything, but they trust that their staff will train you well to take care of your patients...
  6. Cactus Nurse

    Advice please

    In November I will have been working as a nurse for 2 years. In that time frame I have had 5 jobs. I'm on fifth now. In nursing it's not as bad to have a long resume of different jobs, because you can easily say, "I got a better opportunity" or "___ wasn't the right field for me." Don't be afraid to quit if you can find something better! I think you need a talk with your unit manager or supervisor, who ever manages the CNA's, because it is not ok for you to take time out of your day to be doing care. That could be a potential for you being late on med pass and then have another family get mad for meds being given late, etc.. I have a pt who would constantly say to me she didn't like me as her nurse... well she has Narcs and I wouldn't leave until I saw her take them... so she didn't like me. I've always been sweet to her however, and she refused meds, I didn't push it, but I always tried to have a small chat when I could, if she was on a good mood with me... well finally about 2.5 months later, lol, she likes me haha. The other morning I woke her up for her 0600 meds and she was sticking her tongue out at me, kinda like a little kid does through a window, if you get what I mean, it was so cute and honestly made my morning. Pt have bad days and when someone gets mad at me I always think... they are at a ****** time in their life. Something happened and they are here with us, they need care, they need meds, they can't go home just yet, or maybe never. Of course they will have bad days, be angry for no reason, be depressed, but there's always tomorrow. Don't let a family member who doesn't know what we do as nurses say she doesn't like you and let it affect you.... Those meme's about, "sorry I didn't answer your call light to get you water because I was doing CPR next door", is our real world. And also remember, we always have pt discharging, going to hospitals, room changes, so it's not like your necessarily stuck with the same people forever, things will change and things will get better. Nursing isn't easy, if it was, we wouldn't need a license or a degree to do it.
  7. Cactus Nurse

    Evening shift versus nights

    I sacrifice sleep in order to have a social life. We all don't need 8 hours of sleep a night/day. I do have days where I sleep on and off, but I make the most of my days off, because I feel I work 3 days for a reason, to enjoy 4 days off. You just have to make a plan and do it. I set my alarm and I do what I want to do... took me time however to adjust to this, about a year to actually adjust to less sleep.
  8. Cactus Nurse

    Evening shift versus nights

    well I personally love NOCs. When my ex and I lived together and I did my 3-12 1800-0630, it was perfect for us! My off days we spent together, I dranks lots of coffee and we got to do anything we wanted. As for after we broke up and I dated someone, it was great, because I got to see him at night when he was off his work 8-5 kinda job, or have lunch before I went to work. I like nights at 3-12's, working 5 8 hour shift, really does limit you, I did that for years, in a non nursing field. Plus getting off at 2200 and going out? Do you guys not feel the need to shower after? Wash your face, put on fresh makeup? Unless you work 5 minutes from home, that isn't the easiest idea, unless you're going to Dennys or a 24hr gym....
  9. Cactus Nurse

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    I don't know how you do it. I get sad when I came back after my days off and hear so and so died, breaks my heart. I could never work hospice. You're amazing :)
  10. Cactus Nurse

    New RN

    we all make mistakes.... I worked for a year in cali (where I'm from), then moved to Arizona.. Well I had to wait for my license to be transferred and issues and all this nonsense.... Took almost 5 months, then I was on vacation when I finally got my AZ lincense issues, so I was out of work in the nursing field for 6 months!!! I was so nervous when I got my job in a sub-acute... but hey it all came back to me eventually! I made silly errors in the beginning, but now 3 months working, I'm near perfect.. ok not perfect but better hehe :) Don't worry, we all forget nursing school stuff, you just need some time and it will all come back to you as you are working :)
  11. Cactus Nurse

    New grad on med surg unit

    I did home health for my first 5 months, absolutely hated. I was so bored, but I was able to learn a lot of random things, most nurses don't do- like standing frames, pt exercises, AFO boots, a lot of little ransom things which I don't so at all now. I got into drug treatment after and as much as I thought I wasn't using my nursing skills, it has helped me so much today. I know all my psych meds, how to deal with detoxing pt, etc.... Just learn what you can, learn your meds, learn assessments, diagnosis, you will learn a lot, you just may not realize it now, but you will your next position. I've been a nurse almost 2 years and I'm so glad I did those jobs, because I got exposure and that's what I see a lot of nurses lack. Good luck
  12. Cactus Nurse

    Cooking while in nursing school?

    just to add on to this- my go to crock pot meal is...... 2-4 chicken breast, a jar of salsa.. that's it. high 4 hours (or more if needed for more breasts).. make knorr chicken rice or even the instant rice, warm up beans and corn... throw it ina bowl, yummm... also you can make tacos too :). So easy and it lasts awhile. Congrats on almost finishing!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Cactus Nurse

    California Nurses

    good luck, you will be in traffic on any shift you work... downfall for living in LA.... Look for 12 hour shift jobs so that you only work 3 days a week and don't have to sit in too much traffic..... Look at mission community hospital, my friend worked there and I'm from the valley so I imagine, the commute can't be too bad lol, not sure from playa vista though.... she got hired there as a new grad. Good luck
  14. Cactus Nurse

    I Love Night Shift

    I started nights in nursing school, and somehow just kinda got stuck in it... well I guess I just didn't turn them down since I was already used to it... now I love it. Especially as a newer nurse (only 1.5 years), I get to learn a lot, because it's not as busy, but a lot of crazy ish happens at night.... let's talk about PRN's to get people to sleep lol.... I wasn't getting any traffic up until a month ago I'm almost at a hour and a half commute each way! The mornings are killing me, I'm about to fall asleep driving home, and no I can't nap, because my dog has already been locked up in her room for 15 hours and she needs to go out and pee ... the only downfall... can't wait for the holidays when kids are out of school and there's no traffic lol....
  15. Cactus Nurse

    What has been the most rewarding moment of your nursing career?

    My " moment" is just when I actually felt like a nurse..... I had done home health (hate it lol), then worked in a drug/ alcohol rehab, not the nursing I would want to do forever, but I got a second job working in a 6 bed sub-acute ( it's congregate living, I worked inside a home and my pt lived there, it's a nicer setting than a facility or hospital, anyways)... I'm at work, CNA is doing care for a pt... I keep hearing the vent alarm go off, "ok she's just turning him, nothing alarming..." it keeps going off, so I walk in because I'm annoyed.. My pt is struggling to breathe, the CNA had done something and "reconnected" his vent when it popped off and she had connected some tubing in the wrong line.... I tried to connect everything correctly and waited a bit to see if he was going to get better, nothing, I checked his O2, he was at 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died, he literally was struggling to gasp for air, I quickly ripped open the bag with my AMBU bag and began to ventilate him.... he quickly stabilized... If I had kept thinking she was just doing his care and the alarm would shut off soon, he would have died.... After that is when I got my nursing themed half sleeve tattoo :)
  16. Cactus Nurse

    What has been the most rewarding moment of your nursing career?

    wow. I hope you taught that nurse how to do a correct bladder scan. The poor pt, that is so sad. Good job :)