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Hello Everyone!!!

I just finished taking the NCLEX 2 hours ago and am really nervous. I was wondering if anyone has passed the NCLEX without any of the hot-spot questions, drag-drop questions, and even med calculations. The computer shut off for me at 75 with a majority of questions being SATA and delegation. I feel really discouraged because I did not receive any of those questions and maybe I was doing poorly on the SATA so the computer would not allow me to move on? I did get endless medication questions on the test though, medications that I had to guess on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any input would be greatly appreciated :clown:

I take it on the 8th. I'm sure that you did just fine. My LPN NCLEX was exactly the same and passed with flying colors. Do you have any pointers as to what meds to focus on? Did you have to identify sounds?

Hello surfingnurse12,

I too am an LPN, but when I took my boards I had the max questions. That's why I feel so nervous now. My pointer would be to practice SATA questions. I did not have to identify sounds but as far as I know those are experimental questions at this time. I really can not tell you which meds to focus on because I can not recall the test for some reason. It all just happened so fast.

Good luck on the 8th. Study well

I passed in 75 w/o a med calculation, hot spot or drag-drop question.

And, I know this is hard b/c I've been there, but do not drive yourself crazy thinking about it. I swear there is now way to make sense out of it. You just have to wait. Enjoy the long weekend & do something fun. :)

Hello LauRN,

Thank you so much for your response. I'm really glad that there is someone out there who has been in my situation and has passed. I know this sounds crazy but I felt like the computer should have given me more questions. I will try my best to have a good weekend and hopefully my results will be up by Sunday.

Have an awesome Labor day!!!

Select all that apply :)

Thanks. I'm a dork! Hate those...select all that apply questions.

No worries! I had none either, and only one SATA. There is no set algorithm for the type of question you get (per NCSBN guide), so don't worry too much!

@ surfingnurse12, You are not a dork....I didn't even know that abbreviation until I saw it on this website LOL!!!

@delilas and @caliotter3, Thank you!!!

I was also wondering about the PVT. I have attempted it and have gotten the "good pop-up". How many times can you do this before you are no longer allowed to keep checking? Also has anyone's "pop-up" ever changed?

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