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Hello Everyone!!!

I just finished taking the NCLEX 2 hours ago and am really nervous. I was wondering if anyone has passed the NCLEX without any of the hot-spot questions, drag-drop questions, and even med calculations. The computer shut off for me at 75 with a majority of questions being SATA and delegation. I feel really discouraged because I did not receive any of those questions and maybe I was doing poorly on the SATA so the computer would not allow me to move on? I did get endless medication questions on the test though, medications that I had to guess on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any input would be greatly appreciated :clown:

I just found out I passed last night! I had 1 math ? and 15 ish sata's no hot spots or drag and drops. 75 ?s. And btw pearson trick really works I went on to register to take exam again after I got home and it wouldn't let me enter my credit card I got the pop up window and when I saw that I was soooo relieved. You should try that to settle your nerves... Good luck!!!!

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OMG! I'm in the same boat too! Took me 3 hours to do 85 Qs.I also had no alternate Qs or math but I had a few meds,reinforcing,teaching,communication,10ish SATAs & here's the thing that got me soo frustrated bout an infection control Q,I had a strep Pneumonia question TWICE! But I answered it wrong thinkng they go in Neg. Rms :o I shulda gone with myinstincts & pickd Mask. :( I feel anxious now I don't hav access to do the PVT trick but I'll do that tmrw. Right now I'm @ a bar drinkng wit sum friends.I feel soo stupid cuz an easy Q was right in front of me then I tend to always pick the wrong one& the Q popped out agen but 2 choices were different,I wonder if the test was telling me "I'm giving you anothr chance to get ths same Q right dork" LOL sighhh now I can't stop thinkng bout my test and scared to do the PVT this weekend sighhh :( O and BTW I also reviewed the Inf. mnemonics but I jus don't knw wat happen..is true that NCLEX will jus count the last 60 Qs of your test..so dat means your 60 qs shuld be above level to pass? Just curious. Good Luck to all who jus took NCLEX.

Hi Lisa380,

I keep checking pearsonvue and it keeps giving me the same results so I am hopeful. Check it!!! It will really help your nerves. After that you will be relieved.... trust me. I left the test site feeling horrible, but after reading all the posts and trying the "PVT" I feel so much better. Good luck to you and I really wish you the best. I hate having to wait for the results, but then at least I have the quick results I can rely on. I hope you do also!!!

Good luck!!!

@sarahmb, Thank you for your advice regarding the "PVT", I checked it one last time before I go to sleep tonight. Thankfully I still have the same result. I will keep everyone updated on how this turns out. Hopefully I will be able to access my quick result this Sunday even though it will be a holiday on Monday.

Have a good weekend all!!!

Also, in 24 hours after I took the exam I went on this website, put nursing, then registered nurse, then my first and last name, and left the rest blank, hit search and there was my name and license #!! You don't have to pay the $ for the results this website posts your license info quick!!!!! It only works in firefox or internet explorer not safari...


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