Just got a job but not happy with it... what to do?


I feel like such a selfish, ungrateful person. I've been needing a job for a while and now that my schedule has cleared this summer, I'm available for my hours. I'm currently in my 4th quarter of nursing school and have been applying for jobs all year at the hospitals (nursing assistant or nurse tech positions). Thing is, hospitals here have also gone through phases of hiring/not hiring. I contacted my old boss to ask if there were positions with my CNA old job (I was also nurse delegated so I was able to pass meds, tube feeds, etc..). She's a great mentor but my experience working there was not the greatest - it was mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. I was always assigned to the "difficult" patient bc i was the only she liked but she was more than 300 lbs & it ultimately hurt my back.

My boss offered me the job - paperwork was almost complete, just gotta do more and I could sometime next week. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I should be grateful I have a job - the economy sucks right now but I couldn't sleep at all last night. They pressured me into working hours that I couldn't (M-F straight is already a HARD schedule with patient care + weekends? no way. However I do get to work "on call hours" once school starts again next fall).. Also, I'm afraid, I'm going "backwards" - I'm going to be a nurse and I don't want to get back into that "assistant" mentality. I'm also concerned for my physical safety bc I start my another round of clinical hours in the fall (for school). They assured me that they use "electrical hoyers" now but still.... I don't know if I'm just PMS-ing but I'm not excited about it. I feel like I'm going back to a mediocre ex boyfriend that didn't make me happy. I get "laid" lol (my salary) but that's it. Someone suggested to back out now especially while it's still early and the schedule hasn't been made nor have all the papers been turned in but my boss was nice for offering my job....it'll make me look bad but I'm just not feeling it.

Here's a twist. I just got a call today from another one of the jobs (i really wanted) to go in for an interview. I get to do/learn more nurse related skills (learn more about meds because since I took pharmacology, it hasn't been sticking) and I don't have to worry about my back or my physical safety. I'm screwed. I'm interested in going but should I even mention I have another job or that whole process? I'm very grateful for all these opportunities but i feel bad, especially working if I were to keep going with the first offer... what should I do? (With the original offer, I had almost all my paperwork in but the schedule hasn't been set up yet... I could still back out). Should I go to this interview?

*** First job is at a low budget nursing home (yup)

*** Second job is at an assisted living in which I just pass meds and job shadow the nurse with assessments

I would LOVE a hospital job but it hasn't been happening. There was a nurse recruiter I've been emailing the past few months but I heard she takes a while to respond back... send her 4 emails within the past 5 months.

How to tell my boss (the first job) that I changed my mind and that I'll back out? :( I sound so unprofessional

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You are never going backwards when you do patient care. RN's should be helping with code browns as much as the CNA. While you are doing your CNA work, you can put your critical thinking and assessment skills to work.

I have no idea on the schedule, that completely confused me. You sound like you will be working 7 days a week.

There is little detail on the second job, so not sure how to answer that. Will they have you passing meds or what?

I guess if that is where you want to go, it's best to back out now before the first place invests too much time and money and then have you quit just weeks later.


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I did CNA work at a hospital while in nursing school and it was the best thing I did. It certainly isn't going backwards as if you get in with the right nurse they will teach you things and let you do things to "help" them while learning at the same time. If the hours aren't good, then you need to just say something once you're in the door. Besides, if it's in a hospital, it may also give you a foot in once you graduate.


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Make up your mind to do what is best for you and to take it as it comes. We can't always have the best circumstances. If you don't need the job and are facing that much of a bad thing, then don't take it. Put off jobs until school is over. Save yourself from mental and physical stress. But make the decision and stop putting yourself through the wringer over the decision.

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I would go for the assisted living position. You will be exposed to meds which is a good thing. It seems like a step in the right direction. You already know what a CNA does though I agree you wouldn't be going backwards but you wouldn't be doing anything different. Good luck!


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If you don't have to work it's best to wait until you find a job that is better suited for you - personally and professionally. However, if you have to work then just continue on with the one you can start this week but obviously go to the interview for the other one. Remember an interview is not a job!!! MANY people on here, myself included, have been on interviews in the past year, been told or hinted at we were "the one" only to find out we were not "the one" or to not hear back at all. If/when this other job you want is a "for sure" simply be honest w/your current employer - that this other position is a better fit for what you need personally and professionally. Good luck -

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go to the second interview and see what it's all about. If they offer you the job politely decline the 1st position and say you have decided to go in another direction and choose a job that offers more experience in your field and has a better schedule for your school and of course thank them for the opportunity. They should understand. NO use wondering what would have been.


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I totally know how you feel! I was a CNA at a hospital for two years. Then I got promoted to a sweet cardiology job (EKGs, Stress Lab, Code Team, paperwork for the cardiologists) at the same hosptial. I did that for a year and a half. I had to quit because I started nursing school in June. The cardiology job was full-time or nothing. So my old floor manager offered me a PRN CNA position, I could just work when I had time during school (breaks, weekends, but I get to make my own schedule...I haven't had the time to work at all until now). We're in between semester 1 and semester 2 of nursing school now, so I really need to work the next three weeks, but I'm just DREADING going back to being a CNA! I can't quite put my finger on why...I have no problem doing "CNA work" and know I'll be doing it for the rest of my career...it's just...I've been enjoying the mental challenge and stimulation of my cardio job and nursing school, I just want to keep progression - kind of like you were saying! It's not a "step backwards" but it really does feel like it! Unfortunately I really need the money, so I'm starting hitting the floor again on Monday. :(

If I were in your shoes I would keep working on the paperwork for the nursing home job and still go to the assisted living interview. If the interview results in a job, just quit the nursing home. But I wouldn't resign the nursing home job until you have a solid offer from the assisted living place. Good luck!!! I totally identify with your situation.

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Always, always take a position where you are exposed to more clinical and learning situations, such as the meds and assessments (you said), as you will always learn more. Questions like work schedules etc you will have to decide for urself to fit in with your lifestyle.


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If taking care of patients seems like a step back to you, then I think you need to give some serious consideration to your decision to go to nursing school. Taking care of patients is what nurses do!!