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Saw all the nice little posts here, wanted to get in on it, plus its 1 hour post-exam and I feel like I failed. Like every other graduate nurse, right?

I think I stopped at 85 questions. Or 84. Or 86. See, what's funny is that I wasn't paying attention at the time, ALL I knew is that I was passed 75 which meant HEY, I'm still in the game, its NOT OVER YET. Then somewhere in the 80s, the computer screen doesn't give me the next question, and I have the sudden urge to smack the screen, hoping the next question would pop up.

It didn't. *sniffles a little*

So yes, 80-something questions. And I'm 95% sure I failed? Reason I think this is because my last 4 or so questions seemed too easy. Seemed like basic knowledge, which I felt some of that supposed "basic knowledge" was stuff I've never even heard of. Oh, worst off, that last question? I can't remember it all. No clue if it was right, wrong, or if I had no idea. I can't even reference whether or not that question was considered basic knowledge, application, critical thinking... just don't know.


So I guess my question is... who else felt they ended the test with a handful of easy questions? And did you pass? Did you fail?

I'm still convinced I failed. Just don't know what I'll do in the meantime.

Oh. Saturday exam. Pearson Vue quick results will be ready when, Mon, Tues, Wed? Just getting some insight on when I can really begin to cry.

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We have had many post that they felt they had an easy question at the end and passed. Hang in there you soon will have results and they will be available (quick results) 48 hours after you sat the exam this includes weekends

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My last question on NCLEX was something I thought was easy, and it stopped at 75 and I passed. However, I walked out just knowing I failed. For one, I got a few "easy" questions, and they say if you get easy questions, that means you are not doing so good, and most likely, you have failed.

Did you do the Pearson vue trick? If not, check out the Pearson vue trick thread.


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Dont give up yet (((hugs))) try to relax for the next couple of days you have worked hard and deserve it!


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Wishing you good luck.


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Pearson Vue trick, eh? Well, I read through a lot of those posts about it and figured, meh, why not. Give it a shot. Gave me this:

"Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

So. Does this mean that I've checked too early? Or is this the "good sign" I'm looking for?

Double posting this under the Trick thread as well. =)


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Means you passed. I tested Wednesday, got the same pop up and found out I passed yesterday. I thought my last question was easy.

Good luck

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