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Juggling marriage, school , and work

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I need some advice .. I work as a surgical tech and I'm going for my nursing degree.I already applied to the program for this Upcomming fall semester . I'm also getting married in the summer. My fiancé who makes more than enough to support himself and me tells me that it's ok if I remain a surgical tech as marriage life would be easier for both us . Being in nursing school will mean a lot of studying , barely going out , and just being fully devoted,plus waiting till have a child ..would you recommend me still going to nursing school, having all responsiblities on my husband (paying bills),waiting to have a baby,not being able to spend that much time with my husband , or just remain a surgical tech and be able to do all the things I want to do ( have a baby, go out , etc) .& yes my fiancé is fully supportive of my decision of going To nursing school .

Honestly, my opinion, I would say go for it!! I was a CST myself , did it for 4 years , loved it but decided to be a stay at home mom and now I'm going for my RN, It's better to get it done now because in the long run you make more money and you can also work in different areas whether it be at the hospital or a clinic or even at a school .. There's just so much more !! Plus , you don't have any children to take advantage Now!!


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Go for it! Since your fiancee is assuming all financial responsibility from now on, I do not see a reason not to go into nursing school. Besides, in a couple of years you will be done and you will be able to have a baby and do anything you wish to. Also, nobody knows what tomorrow brings; I am sure you would want to have a stable and well-paid career to support yourself regardless of your marital status.

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I say get your education first, while he is able to financially take care of the two of you. You never know what the future holds~ what if he becomes disabled or something, and you need to be the breadwinner? Get your nursing degree now, while you can!

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Making the necessary sacrifices to become an RN, is a personal choice. WHY do you want to be a nurse?


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If that's what you want to do, then do it. It's worth the sacrifice. I encouraged my wife to get as much education that she needed, you know, just in case I kick the bucket. I want her educated and prepared to support herself and the kids if needed.

Depends.... why do you want to be a nurse? Is it worth the sacrifice of your time at the start of your marriage or not? Do you want a child now or can you wait? Is your fiance willing to wait and if he's not are you okay with that? In other words you want to nail this **** down before the wedding, not after.


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What is most important to you? Who is most important to you?


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Making the necessary sacrifices to become an RN, is a personal choice. WHY do you want to be a nurse?

Any career choice is a sacrifice up front. I could have easily been a mechanic, plumber, electrician, or physician. I chose a nursing degree. I don't have too many reasons why. It really doesn't need to be complicated. And they all require training. So pick a field and go with it.

Like nursing is this huge sacrifice. It's a job. You can be a nurse anytime....

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You need to have a nice, long, honest conversation with our fiancee. From the way you worded it, he thinks it would be easier for you both if your remain a surgical tech. Is that how he really feels, or was that just a poorly worded sentence? What does "fully supportive of my decision to go to nursing school" mean to you? What does it mean to him? Why do you want to be a nurse? Do you want to go to school badly enough to stand up for your plans even if he would rather you didn't? Do you want to go to school badly enough to choose school over marriage and babies right now? Your fiancee is the person you should be discussing this with.

I have no doubts you can juggle everything if you really want to go to nursin school. Maybe that means cutting back on other responsibilities but that's something you'll need to work out with the fiance. Just make sure nursing is something you do want. It will require sacrifices.

Speaking from a nurse working two parttime jobs, going to graduate school, and balancing those things with a husband and baby.