2 job offers, 2 completely different fields ?! what to do ?


Looking for some advice about the following situation:

I graduated December 2010 from a reputable Nursing program in Callifornia with an ADN. It took me all these months but I finally got my break in job hunting and I was recently offered not 1 but 2 jobs. Being so new to this field I have no idea what to do, it seems that I am at crossroads and facing a decision that will shape my nursing career.

One job offer is in the Medical Aesthetic field as a Laser RN, the other at a Community Hospital in the Surgical department as an OR RN. The pay would be the same and both places are willing to train me.

In the long run I would like to relocate to Europe ! Maybe work as an independent professional or become a contractor .

Would love some feedback on which career path would allow me the most flexibility in relocating.

Thank you.


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OR imo would open more doors I have a friend who went into laser as a new grad and plastics is all she is find now. If you like that then would be okay.

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Well i would go where your interest lies and what is going to help you meet your goals....if you want to work as independent contracter...in what capacity?

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I would go with the OR in the hospital, as it would provide more opportunity to go somewhere else if you wanted to. I would look at what type of skills you would be doing in the comsmetic nursing compared to the OR. I also believe that the OR is considered acute care, which in my area is what employers want. Plus in the hospital if you find you do not like the OR after so many months you may be able to transfer departments.


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Responding to evolvingrn:

During my clinical rotations in Nursing School I found myself fond of the ER, however wasn’t able to land a job in that area. At the end of the day I think that during school one only gets a glimpse of what certain nursing specialties entail, so I am trying to guide myself by my ultimate goal of moving back to Europe and on top of that trying to work with the risen opportunities (OR vs. Medical Aesthetics).

In Europe I might not qualify to work in a hospital setting, that is why I am hoping for a contractor opportunity at American companies working overseas?!


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Thank you LoveMyBugs, my thought process was about the same, feel like there are more skills involved with OR nursing and could open the doors to different departments along the way. However i'm thinking that Medical Aesthetic Nursing could be good business, maybe opening an office in Europe ... I don't know ...


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If it were me, I would take the OR position. There are always openings for travel positions in the OR. I have never seen a travel position for a Medical Aesthetics nurse. Although the Medical Aesthetics position is more laid back, the OR will give you so many skills that you can use any where in the world.


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I also would go with the OR position. You will have time in the future to go into esthetics after you have a solid foundation in OR nursing to fall back on.


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Re: having two job offers, consider yourself fortunate and me jealous!

good luck on whatever you decide.

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OR definitely. Aesthetics nursing is great during good financial times, rough when times are tough. All the laser centers in my area are now closed.


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Thank you all !