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I have received a job offer without an interview. I was kind of shocked. My recruiter could not tell me much about the unit, so she forwarded my questions to them. This is my first travel assignment so I am kind of cautious.

Has anyone ever accepted an offer this way?

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Maybe you have an outstanding resume? If your expertise fits the criteria then perhaps that is why there was no interview. I had interviews, but they wanted me to ask the questions. Then I was given a run down of expectations for the position. If you call the nurse manager for the unit, I'm sure she'll tell you what you need to know. Just have a list of questions ready. I think I saw a sticky on what questions to ask.

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The interview is not just for the mgr, it's for you, too. I'd want to talk to him/her before accepting a job. What if she comes off like a total flake? You won't know if you don't speak to her.

Tone of voice, how she answers your questions- if she hesitates or sounds unsure about her answers- these things can all tell you a lot.

Plus, I'd want the answers to my questions straight from the horse's mouth- not messages relayed through other people. There can be misunderstandings and wrong information given that way.

Also, if they are so eager to fill a position that they don't even need to speak to you first- that's a red flag. Could be a troubled unit desperate for help because they can't keep anyone.


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Thank you for the replies. I don't know if this makes a difference, but it's a private medical centre, not a county hospital.

I'm going to ask to speak to the manager directly.


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Hi! For my last travel assisgnment, I was not given an interview and I was very weary! It turned out that it was they were soo busy that if you looked good on paper, that's all they needed! But the assigment ended up being a very good one, actually.

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Also, if they are so eager to fill a position that they don't even need to speak to you first- that's a red flag. Could be a troubled unit desperate for help because they can't keep anyone.

Thanks! My thoughts exactly!

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You should always have contact with a human from the facility on the phone, whether they have questions for you, or you have questions for them.

I would never accept a position if I did not speak to either the manager or a nursing supervisor, depending on who is in charge of the hiring of travel nurses for the facility. If they do not have the time to speak with you, then I would not even want to consider them.

Makes no difference if county hospital or private facility someplace. If they are that busy, then not a good sign for you either. Remember that they can cancel you at any time because you do not meet the needs that they are looking for, and on paper, almost everyone can look good. And then you are responsible for the remaining rent on the apt as well as your travel expenses home. Never accept an assignment unless you think that it is going to be a good fit for you with the specific facility.

You also need to know why they are so busy/short-staffed to begin with.


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Hello, I encountered a similar situation with Univeristy Hospital of New Oleans. I had the company submit my resume and recieved the job offer with no interview. As a first traveler travel and new nurse I was thinking well that was easy. However after reading forums on I have decided not to sign a contract with the facility as I only have 8 months of nursing experience out of nursing school working Med/Surg in a small hospital. I have decided to wait unitl next summer to travel that way I will have over 1 year of nursing experience. Wonder if agency nursing would be good for me in the mean time?


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i did take a travel job without a job interview once however my recruiter could anwser my questions about the job and the only reason i didn't have an interview was i was replacing the manager who was a working manager and had broke her ankle and couldn't work. if my recruiter couldn't anwser questions i wouldn't take job without talking to manager so i knew what to expect about hours and things like that.


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Recently accepted an assignment without speaking with anyone from the hospital. Big mistake, will not do that again. Arrived expecting to do one job and was told that I had to do another. Agreed but advised more experience in doing the job I felt I was hired for. After one day of cases was told that my services were not required and my contract canceled. Not a pleasant feeling. Of course never talking to anyone with the hospital, I was not able to say anything about the interview. I would be very leary about an assignment where I didn't speak with the manager of the unit you will be working on. Too many people in the chain of conversation causes the answers to be how the middle person interprets and then relays.


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