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Ok so I got my ATT today and scheduled for Nov 29 at 8am!!!! I feel very :yeah::uhoh21::chair::sofahider:barf02::clown::eek:

I took Mark klimek review a few months ago and studying his books, doing nclex 3500 and lacharity everyday!

Hope to have an early christmas gift of adding RN to the end of my name!!!!!

Are there any other november test takers out there? any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!!

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I'm writing on the 17th @ 0800hrs!

Canadian RN here - have done Kaplan, a lot of Saunders, and just about done Lacharity now.

Praying for the good pop-up next Wednesday ;)

Good luck!

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Good Luck !!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

I'm testing at the same time as you!

It will go well.

It will go well.....

I am Nov. 20th and looking forward to this test. I hope and pray we all have RN at the end of our names:yeah:

im taking my test on nov 18 at 8 am,,,,,,,praying for you all,,,,,,,god bless,,,,,

Good luck.

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thanks caliotter3!! good luck to us all!!!! Im praying for all of us!

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sooo many people reschedule their exams for a later date to have more time to prepare, well I just bumped my date up to Nov 18th!!! call me crazy but I feel like the longer I wait, the bigger my anxiety grows, time to go in with confidence and show this exam I've got what it takes!!

hi all... mine is on 19th November.preparing well... lets see... :mad::idea::confused::uhoh3::eek::o:up: all the best for all who are writing this month...:):heartbeat:up::nurse:

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