Is your unit hiring new grads???


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Wow, is the market horrible for new grads! I graduated in May 2008 with my BSN. Got a job in a CVICU and held on to that for four months until I decided to pursue my MSN on a full-time basis. Now I'm looking to get back into hospital work and can't find a job!!! I am willing to relocate anywhere. PM me if you know of any opportunities. Thanks so much!!! :heartbeat

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my hospital isn't hiring anyone ( not even old graduates ). i feel so grateful to have a job. i hope you get lots of PM's with job positions!!

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We are hiring new grads all over our hospital...

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We are hiring new grads all over our hospital...
In what part of the country?
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Our entire hospital system has phased out multiple positions and is in a hireing freeze. I wish you luck.

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In what part of the country?



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I posted this last week. If anyone is interested in relocating to Washington State, hospitals here are hiring new grads. Here in Spokane, Sacred Heart is hiring new grads, Deaconess is here in Spokane, in Tri cities, Kadlec Medical Center is, In Vancouver Washington, (about 100 miles south of Tacoma), Southwest Medical Center is hiring new grads and I believe that they have an internship as well, in the Tacoma area, (about 25 miles south of Seattle), the hospital systems there (Franciscan Hospital System) is hiring, and all of these have nurse internships. There are other hospitals in Tacoma that are offering new grad internships, I believe that it is St, Josephs Hospital in Tacoma.

Washington State is beautiful. Spokane has a low cost of living, no traffic, low crime, you can still by acreage, has good schools (my kids HS, Lewis and Clark, was named one of the top 100 HS in the country), etc. Spokane, is located in Eastern Washington, right over the Washington/Idaho border. I live 20 miles from the Idaho border.

TriCities, is in south central Washington State, Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco. It is warmer there, housing is even lower than Spokane, and has open land. Kadlec offers great benefits, with DOUBLE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 401 K retirement.

There is a big military presence in Washington State, Air Force, Navy and Army.

Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, (about 50 miles east of Spokane), is also hiring new grads, and has an internship. I believe that it is a magnet hospital.

They also offer a program, if you live in out of the area, they will put you in a hotel when you come down to work.

Washington State has great colleges. University of Washington, Washington State, ICNE (Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education- BSN, and Masters, and I believe, Doctorate programs), here in Eastern Washington. You can enroll in the BSN, Masters Programs to further you education.

Those of you with kids, Washington State has a FREE ON LINE K- 12 SCHOOL PROGRAM. They even provide lap tops for the kids. You can home school your kids with a state certified on line program, that is taught by certified, licensed, teachers. I can send you the link, if you are interested.

Anyway, I hope this helps. PM me if you have any more questions.

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Louisville, KY is hiring new grads ... I'm a new grad & have 2 offers in my specialty!

All my friends from school have no problem finding jobs ...


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I'm in Pittsburgh and my hospital is hiring new grads. The weird thing is that on my unit, they're getting all the daylight and evening shifts, too. Nurses with 25-30 years of experience are being bumped to night shift.


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Nope, I was the one and only new grad in four years. :)

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Our unit just hired a dozen RN's, most were experienced (in other areas but new to NICU), but I truly believe this was a fluke as we've been hiring almost exclusively new grads for several years. There was talk of laying off some nurses (most likely would be new grads) if our census didn't rise soon, and it has, so hopefully that will hold.

I think the new grads out there will find that they will be able to find jobs and internships but they will have to compromise in two areas: geographical location & specialty. I'm hearing from some areas of the country that there are no jobs for new grads. I believe this may be a tough time as far as that goes but if they will/can relocate I believe they will be able to get jobs.

Hospitals are still hiring in my "neck of the woods" (DFW metroplex) and into most specialties. You just may not be able to get a day shift position, but that's not new.

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