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So, I graduated from an RN program this May, passed NCLEX in June:nurse:, and I began applying.....

In this economy, I was not ready to have to make a decision regarding employment, I thought MAYBE I will be offered job, and I'd take it!

Well, I was offered a position in the Versant new grad residency program with a commitment of 3 years (at LEAST one on a M/S floor) as well as a position in L&D, which is where I truly want to be.

I am torn between getting a general training in many areas with a delay in getting to my ultimate goal versus taking the job that I have wanted all along and getting one step closer to my goal of becoming a WHNP/CNM.

What do y'all think? What things should I consider?



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First off CONGRATS! I think if your ultimate goal is to be a Certified Nurse Midwife just go with L & D. You will be one step closer to achieving your goal. You will still enounter the same type of problems as a med-surg floor like diabetes, HTN...etc but your focus will be in L & D. Good Luck

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I have to agree with the above poster... go with L&D. That's where you 're heart is....

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I would also ask this in the general forum, since most of us are students perhaps they might have better insight. Not that the people who have responded are not up to the last lol.

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I agree with the previous posters...if your ultimate goal is Certified Nurse Midwife, then go straight to what you want. Good luck! :D

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Go where your heart is telling you to go. Take the L&D job. It's usually very hard to get your foot in the door into that specialty. Don't waste the chance that might not come again for a long while.

Also ... I can't imaging EVER signing a 3-year committment. A lot can happen in 3 years and I would not want to be stuck in a contract I hated without the freedom to leave.


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If you want L&D go into it right away. It definitely seems like a tough specialty to break into, even with M/S experience. If for some reason it doesn't work out, chances are you'd be able to transfer to an M/S floor at that hospital. Not so easy to do the other way around. Good luck!

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you are all making some very good points. i was expecting everyone to tell me to do the residency, so i am heavily considering the l&d position now. thank you all for taking time to comment, it is very much appreciated!


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I'm going to immediately tell you to go with what you want! Because I am currently working ICU, (I didn't know where I wanted to work, but the jobs are so rare where I'm at, I'm lucky to be working at all). Honestly, I hate it, I'm miserable every day, but I can't leave because there is no other work. If I were in your shoes, I'd be following my dream.

Good luck to you!

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that is a VERY LONG committment and you want L&D...i'd go with that!

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wow that is a long commitment. i want to do L&D but the only jobs available in Hawaii is Med-Surg. Hope after a year I can go into L&D...

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