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Is having Sigma Theta Tau membership worthwhile as an NP?


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I'm almost halfway through my NNP program, and I recently got "asked" to join STT. I can understand how it could help you get into grad school, but I'm already in, and $95 is a little steep for a membership fee.

Is having STT membership worth it as a NNP student who'll be graduating next year? Will that figure into my future NP job in any way? As of now, I have no plans to get my DNP, but may consider taking a BSN professor position at a university at some point.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I did join for one year (back when it was $90/year - lol). However, the only thing I got out of it was a research magazine which was too weighty for me! Sorry, I felt it wasn't worth it - no one ever even mentioned it as I was looking for a job. I'd say spend your $95 on something else.


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I'd agree with the other posters. I was recommended to joint this society, and stayed in it for a year. I really got no benefit from it, and decided it was a waste of my money.


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If you are looking to teach, having been inducted as a member will be added weight in choosing candidates in academic world....give you additional "connections" to finding positions.

How active chapters are varies and most have research focus to advance nursing practice via seminars/lectures/poster presentations at least yearly.

Attribute Sigma, SEPA Chapter AACN + TRENDS conference, along with PSNA membership help shape my nursing practice and lifelong promotion PROFESSION of nursing.


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Agree with NRSKarenRN.

Becoming involed in honor society can get you the recognition necessary as you progress along your professional nursing career. Excellent opportunities to volunteer locally, statewide, and/or nationally as well as opportunities to be properly recognized for your own achievements in nursing.

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I have kept my STTI membership but I also have not gotten any benfit from it as far as my NP career. However, I admit that I am not active in the organization at all which is why I have not benefitted from being a member. I figure if you want to be a "professor" you may want to keep your membership. However, universities do not grant "professor" rank to anyone without a PhD or any doctoral equivalent. In fact, most newly-hired professors fresh out of graduating from a doctoral program start out as an assistant professor first regardless of whether they teach BSN or MSN.


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Ok, thanks everyone!


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STT won't mean much for NP job or academic positions. They do offer scholarships for graduate school for members which can more than off set the cost of membership.

I agree with Karen and sirI. Apart from the overall, general benefits of membership (which I consider well worth the annual dues), some individual chapters are very active and an excellent source of personal and professional networking opportunities

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